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Recently I have bought the game and was playing to play by myself as well as with co workers. Except barely getting through the tutorial. My PC restarted itself. Confused, i thought I might have been messing with the cables, I replay but a couple minutes later it crashes again. It does so ~6 times that night. My computer has never done that for any game
I've tried using NVIDIA experience to optimize the game, as well as turned off the DirectX 12 option. But it continues to reboot my PC. As well as ran a scan incase of an virus, but that's to no avail either.
Not sure what to do now as I really want to play the game.

Edit: Just tried to play again, I was able to run a benchmark before the game rebooted my PC again IMMEDIATELY AFTER. Here's the results if it help

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Hey @lsgjacob, and welcome to the forums. I am sorry to hear about your experience with the game rebooting your PC. I would advise the following troubleshooting for your computer, and let us know if the issue persists.

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@BioXTC @mercenarie22 Thanks for providing these suggestions! Hopefully, they help OP or any other players who may come by and are having this issue as well. 🙂