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Since the update the ability to deconstruct single items from inventory has stopped working. Mass deconstruction via tab and deconstruction on pick up do work but you can no longer go into Options - X from the inventory screen and deconstruct a weapon or gear item from your inventory. It's not super critical since you can still work around it with a mass decon but it's made doing things on the fly more difficult. Not sure if that was intended or this is just a bug from the update.
Otherwise... good update. New season fun so far.

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Hey there @Scarberius, this is definitely something I'd like to check out for you, but we'll need a bit more info on your end first.

Can you go ahead and try out our basic troubleshooting Here. Particularly verifying your game files.

After that, please record a short video showing that you can no longer deconstruct the way you used to before. If you happen to have any footage from before the patch where you deconstructed things this way so that we can compare, that would be extremely useful but I will also check around on YouTube to see if I can find what you're talking about. If you can get a video, upload it to YouTube for me and post a link in this thread!