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I just started playing this game yesterday and have been playing everything in coop with my friends. At some point during the mission "Investigate Downtown East Safehouse" my friend was interacting with the table in the Downtown East Safehouse and finished his quest. I am unable to interact with the table, even when I log in a day later in a solo session. I don't even have a quest marker pointing to the table. Some post I found about this bug from 3 years ago mentioned to replay the main mission before this one, but I don't know how to replay a mission.

Help is greatly appreciated

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Hey @BobDerBieber

Thanks for updating the thread to let us know you already resolved it and what you had to do. Glad you're able to get on with the rest of the game now and hope you continue to enjoy it with your friend.

Hey there @VajohnyaS

Sorry to see you've run into this issue.

Just to clarify what you have already tried, did you fully log out of the game and then log back in before you attempted to recomplete the objective in a party? Also, did you join a party that only had other people who have already completed the mission?

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