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It seems there is a common glitch with trying to complete the Roosevelt Island Stronghold main story mission on the default/normal difficulty.

The glitch occurs during the "Secure the Entrance" step of the mission. There are ropes that need to be climbed in order to get over to the next area of the mission, however the ropes are not released in order for players to grab hold and escalate themselves upwards.

I have posted a video of my live game-play demonstrating this glitch. No need to watch the whole video, only first few minutes. The rest is me trying to re-spawn outside of mission and try again to see if this changed anything (which it did not).


I will attempt to go back to a previous save or start mission over (not sure this is an option?) and see if that does anything, or try to change the difficulty and report back if that changed anything.

Thanks for your help.

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Hello @Chunky_Hacker 😳 thanks for reaching out to us about this bug you have encountered.

I have heard mention of issues with this particular location, but have yet to see any issues with the rappel rope be reported, at least in the forum, so will look into this now.

Thank you so much for the video, I will pass this onto our QA team to investigate, to see if they are able to recreate the issue on each platform too. When I hear back regarding this, I will do my best to try and provide an update in the forum. Thanks for bringing this to our consideration.