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  • What platform do you play on? PC
  • What mission / challenge / NPC / or in-game items does this affects? None, but the location is the Kenly College staging area, specifically the armor crate to the right side of the chapel.
  • What is the issue you encountered? Looted an item that seems an aweful lot like the chestpiece of the showcased apparel set said to go live on Nov 1st.
  • What steps did you take in-game before the issue occurred? Went to Kenly and opened crates.
  • Please try to upload a few screenshots or a short under 2-minute video clip, that clearly demonstrates the issue

Hey there @UrbanChaos and @KermitRope

This is something we are aware of, but nothing you will need to worry about. These are items that will be fully added to the game with a future outfit set. You can ignore them or use them if they remained in your inventory!

I would be interested to know if the appearance from these items got added to your cosmetics list, though! Let me know if it did, and be aware this thread may get merged with a few similar ones!

about 6 hours ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Thanks for reaching out to us with this too @achtbits!

This is still being looked into so I've passed your report on.

Thank you!