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So Before this new season I barely crashed game was playable Now Im [censored] every damn 5 - 10 min???:????????? Instead of rolling out new content and such lets focus on fixing the game. Out of all the games i have played this is by far the worse I have ever come across. I think its high time you make this at the top of your to do list or you will lose tons of ppl and support.. For example none of my friends play this anymore because of it. I had it with it. Fix the issues already and stop saying your working on it. That should of been your top priority since it started.

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Hey @Got-Doook !

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing frequent crashes since the new season started.

The team is constantly working on the game and improving stability and performance. As a first step, I'd suggest verifying the game files, if this hasn't been tried already, as crashes can be caused by issues with the installation of an update. If the issue persists, I'd recommend reaching out to our Support via our Help Website and to provide us with your msinfo and dxdiag files, so we can look at your issue more in-depth.

The team is also still investigating the causes of the more wide-spread crashing issues that have been reported, although we don't have a definitive date for a fix at this time.

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@Got-Doook Thank you for your suggestions! Just to confirm, were you able to open a support ticket with the requested files attached?

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