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Trying to finish up comms for NYC I have all but the update:rikers, I look on the catwalk but it is not there, how do I pick it up?

11 days ago - Ubi-Perseids - Direct link

@wastingourtime Hello! Welcome to Discussions!

I'm sorry that you're having trouble picking up this collectible. It looks like this used to be located in one area but changed to a different one. The current/updated location is: Foggy Bottom - Loc -1107, -523

Unsure if that is the catwalk you're talking about, but if it is and you're still unable to pick it up, could you record a video of that for me so I can take a closer look? Please upload the video to a website like YouTube and make it Public or Unlisted. You can then share the link with me here.

Thank you!

10 days ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Glad to hear it @wastingourtime , thanks for letting us know!

If there's anything more we can help with, you know where we are!