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Ive equiped a todo backpack it shows no stats and its purple anyone having the same problem?

about 1 year ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link

Heya @squeekandbubble πŸ™‚

While I haven't found one myself yet, I understand that this is a cosmetic backpack. We have a news article describing how this works over here.

Let me know if this clears this up for you!

about 1 year ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Hey there @squeekandbubble, like @SerjTargaryen that item is a placeholder item that is dropping a bit early by mistake. You can safely ignore it or get rid of it! Please note that if you keep it in your inventory it may get changed, replaced, or removed on our end in order to prevent any issues with the real item dropping later!