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I am a PC user.

A four piece gear setup buff does not trigger, strikers or heart breakers for example.

1) When logging in while wearing the gear set. (Repeatable)
2) When changing a single piece of the four pieces after selecting from favourites. (Repeatable)

Replication procedure:

This method can be used to replicate issue 100% of the time.

1) Have four piece of heartbreaker saved to favourite slot. Assault Rifle with Linked Laser pointer or shotgun with LLP.
2) Switch to all yellow build
3) Switch back to heartbreak saved build
4) Shoot target in the body and the linked laser point does not trigger the buff
5) Remove one piece of heart break for a yellow piece
6) Now put the removed piece back on and shoot the target. You start to build stacks.

I have seen similar issues with strikers gear set as well where the stacks will not build until you have exchanged one piece of the gear set and replaced it, which makes me think its not a LLP issue. I don't know how to recreate the issue with strikers but I found the same solution worked, remove a single piece of the gear set and the stacks start to build.

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Hi again, @GrayStaff!

If you've already gotten the general troubleshooting out of the way, would you mind getting us a video showcasing the bug and then uploading it to YouTube so that I can send up a report? 🙂

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@GrayStaff Looks like this actually may have been fixed in todays maintenance;

  • Fixed the issue with the Striker's Battlegear Gear Set 4 pieces bonus not applying when swapping between identical Striker's pieces from the inventory 
  • Fixed the issue that nullified the set bonus effect when changing between two Gear Set loadouts that have at least 2 distinct item pieces for Ongoing Directive, Negotiator's Dilemma, Striker's Battlegear, Foundry Bulwark, and Rigger.

If it wasn't fixed for you though, please make sure to let us know!

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Thanks for letting us know @GrayStaff, glad to see it's been resolved!

If there's anything more we can help with in future, please don't hesitate to get back in touch!