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As in the title, trying to take over control point and was downed by npc shooting thru walls, this is the main complaint from players in this game, please see video …


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Hey there @Tyranmedic, thank you for sending this in and providing us with the YouTube video! I'd like to look into this issue further and see what I can do to help. It looks like this topic was posted in the Discussions category so I took the liberty of moving everything over to Player Support. That way our support teams can look into this further and follow up with you as needed. First I'd like to confirm a few things to save time:

  • Did you create the YouTube video that you provided?
  • Can you recall when you started seeing this issue in-game?
  • Are you seeing it everywhere? Or is it localized to a specific area/region?
  • Aside from port forwarding, have you completed any other troubleshooting steps on your own?

If you haven't done them yet, please tackle the technical troubleshooting steps that apply to your platform/console:

After those are completed successfully if you see this again, please log in to our website and submit a new support case for this issue with the Ubisoft account that you use to play The Division 2. For good measure, since you've already completed port forwarding, you can include a screenshot showing that the correct ports have been forwarded.

Thank you for your help!🔥