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Hey there @RobBot34!

I'm gonna address each of your concerns individually below!

Open world directives selection has changed.

I believe this is intended, to make the new season feel fresh, but do you have a comparison in the Directives options from before the current patch and after the current patch?

No field proficiency caches when leveling up.

Are you noticing this on a second character? If this is happening on your first character to hit a certain proficiency level, can you record a short video of the next time you level up?

Experienced gained from open world activities seems halved, possibly we are not getting the xp bonus from the directives or for increased difficulties.

Can you take a screenshot showing the activity summary before you start it, and another one showing the total XP you earned from it at the end? Make sure we can see your difficulty and directive selection.

Individual items cannot be deconstructed from the Options Menu of that specific item.

Can you record a short video showing off this issue?

14 days ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Thank you very much for sharing this video @Uriei, appreciate it.

And investigation into this has been opened into this already, so I've passed your video on.

We'll let you know should we need any more information!

Thank you!