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well, it's been a while and i thought i would see if the glitch got resolved.
no, it did not.

these videos are from yesterday
on the first video (5 sec mark) the sig weapon ammo icon appear then disappear but i didn't get any ammo. maybe related?






these two videos are from today



9 days ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Hey guys,

Just to add after taking a look at the clips myself, these responses are spot on.

Thanks so much for sharing this screenshot example of the icons @Noxious81 !

In your clips @sasorisan1 the enemies don't appear to have a status effect.

Following @Noxious81's post, please keep us in the loop should you find an issue with ammo drops when there is a status effect in play and we'd be more than happy to take a look into it.

Thank you!

6 days ago - Ubi-Viral - Direct link

@sasorisan1 Hey! There are some guides online, I am unable to recommend any however.

As @xcel30 mentioned there are some tip sections in the game also.

5 days ago - Ubi-Viral - Direct link

@sasorisan1 Ah sorry to hear that it is not what you are looking for. We will pass your feedback on to the game team.

If you need anything else please let us know.

Thank you.

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