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Yesterday i reached to level 35 but when i checked my inventory(mask) and i didn't see the coyote's mask which is suppose to be in it , please help me devs
i don't have it for some reason not in my stash or inventory or is it a exotic material drop??? yesterday i contacted to the ubisoft support and the agent uploaded my issue.
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We are looking into issues with the season rewards.

Thanks for your patience.
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Hey there guys!

Dragonmaster083 - Thanks for sharing this. The Coyote Mask was only unlockable at level 35 as part of the season 1 pass. It's now available as a drop in-game. This thread has some more information on attaining the coyote mask as a drop. Good luck!

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Hey hopefully someone can help I would like confirmation on the drop of the Coyote's Mask - i have read online that it can drop in Jefferson Trade mission from last boss, i am close to 100 runs on this thing and it doesn't drop - am i wasting my time or is my luck just that bad ! I run the mission on challenging and bomb through it