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When you get to the final Bounty version of Jefferson Plaza to kill 'Trig', if you die/wipe during the bounty progress, you have to respawn at a safe house, pick up the bounty again and fast travel back to Jefferson Plaza start point. All normal and expected, except now the entry gate for the area is closed and doesn't open. It's clear the game knows I'm on the bounty again - the hud is prompting for the steps/progress, Kelso is talking in my ear about Trig, etc. But the gate isn't open to enter the area and engage.

14 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello @fknM3R0 thanks for reporting this issue with the Manhunt and for providing an image of the exact door that is blocked.

I have heard of issues in previous Manhunts where sometimes after wiping a door could no longer be passed through.

I will report this to our QA team to investigate, if you have encountered this more than once please let us know.

In addition, if anybody else can confirm this and provide a video clip, please do as sometimes we have trouble reproducing these issues with blocked progress or objects.

10 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello again @fknM3R0, we opened an investigation into this with our QA team but so far they have been unable to reproduce this issue with being unable to pass through the door.

They wanted to ask you the following, please let us know as soon as you can so we can pass this back to our QA team to help them continue investigating >

  • On which platform did the users encounter the issue?
  • Were you playing solo or with friends when you encountered the issue?
  • Did you have any issue with your ping or internet connection that day, whilst in-game, prior to approaching that door the second time?