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Platform: Xbox Series X
Connection: Wired
Country: United Kingdom

Triggers when joining/playing Countdown.

Issues: Enemies health bars dissapear so i don't know what is red/purple/elites/hunters etc etc, also when loot drops i can see it on my mini map but cannot see it in the game so i cannot pick anything up, when leaving countdown it stays in the game when doing CP's and missions......it only triggers if playing countdown.

Fix: Log out of the game completely, and shut the game down, then reboot.

Video of missing health bars:


Screenshot of loot that cannot be seen or picked up:

p.s Sorry for the image quality, damm one drive is not great.

NOTE: Will not be playing Countdown until fixed as there is a 50/50 chance this bug will kick in.

Hope this helps.


about 2 months ago - ubi-smash - Direct link

Hey everyone! I am incredibly sorry for the lateness in getting to this thread!

@Oatiecrumble Thank you for sharing this information with us, and apologies for the trouble this has been in Countdown. To help with sharing this information with the Dev Team, could you and @Slaytanic1962 answer the following:

  • For both issues, I want to confirm if this only has happened in Countdown, correct? Have you seen this behavior in any other areas in the game?
  • Has this been this way from the first time playing Countdown for the health bar issue, or did this happen during later sessions? If it happened in a later Countdown session, do you remember the last actions taken before this started?
  • For Loot drops, could you share a short video clip showing more loot on the map and not showing a node to loot?
  • Does any loot show up for you in your Stash after completion?
  • When you log out of the game entirely and reboot the game, does this fix help for both the health and loot issue?

Apologies for asking for further information, but as this is not happening for all players, I want to make sure we gather enough information for the Dev Team to be able to replicate this behavior on their side.

about 2 months ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link

Hey guys! @Oatiecrumble @novspm @evendreaming

Much appreciated for your input and I have added all the additional information to the report created by @ubi-smash

If we will have any issues with reproducing the issue on our side, we may update the thread accordingly.

Until then, apologies about any inconvenience and if you have any further queries or notice any other issues, more than welcome to drop us a message at any time!

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