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Why does Massive continue to ignore this obvious issue. Just on Sat I played 15 matches. In every single one, at least one person got booted in the very beginning and at least two (sometimes 3) got booted after taking from the last chest before the LZ; I don't even go near it anymore. All I've seen from the developers is the same old "restart your modem/game BS". This is not on our end and they know it. Why can't they just admit that they're working on it and or the server can't handle the volume.

Platform: Xbox Series X

over 1 year ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Hey there @linc-harris6670

If you check the Trello board for known issues when updates come out, you may notice that our development team does frequently acknowledge issues with Countdown and The Summit causing frequent disconnects and crashes.

This is a long term problem that gets some attention each patch, and we hope to see improvement with each of those patches.

That being said, this is a forum for seeking technical support with in-game issues. All that our agents here are able to recommend to you is basic troubleshooting, some mildly more advanced things after that, then suggesting that you open a one-on-one support ticket afterwards.

For you, the correct troubleshooting to follow would be the connectivity guide for your platform, followed by the port forwarding guide. Finally, you can open a one-on-one support ticket here.

All of our agents appreciate cooperation with this particular flow, as it is the most efficient way for us to get problems reported to the development team.

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Hello linc-harris6670, thanks for your reply.

There are 2 current scenarios we know of causing disconnections in the countdown mode, 1. is that players are connected to the wrong regional server resulting in a less-than-optimal connection, and 2. is that players are disconnecting as a whole group when playing in a subgroup.

Both these issues are still under investigation by the dev/QA team, we know this is affecting several platforms not just PC, but we have no further updates to share at this point so we are unable to specify the exact cause.