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Happened twice now over the last week, join Countdown and end up in a raid, link to video, as you can see it has a countdown timer and info on the bottom left about countdown but yet we have been transferred to a raid.

If you cannot see the video via the link than tell me, i will upload it to you tube instead (link works for me):



8 months ago - Ubi-DeskLamp - Direct link

Heya @Oatiecrumble!

If you haven't already then please try out these steps, and then if the issue persists, please upload your video to YouTube so that I can send up a bug report! 🙂

8 months ago - Ubi-DeskLamp - Direct link

@Oatiecrumble Thanks!

I'll get started on typing this up, but would you mind getting us a video that begins with you selecting the option to matchmake for Countdown? I also saw that the exit button at the end of your video said exit Countdown, so please include that in the video as well!

7 months ago - Ubi-Clem - Direct link

Hello @Oatiecrumble,

I totally understand that the issue appears randomly.

In order to forward this to the development team, we need to be able to replicate the issue, so they can have a look into this themselves.

I will document this report to keep track of this issue.

Thank you for reporting such a behaviour.

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