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1s [Music]
7s turns deadly at night
11s [Music]
18s finding Lynch the murders before you die
23s and before
27s you survived the town of Salem hi I'm
31s Blake the Godfather and I'm Josh the
33s serial killer and we're here to talk to
35s you today about town of Salem the
37s popular online murder mystery game in
39s town of Salem if you're a town member
41s you have to try to stay alive and use
43s clues to find the murderers and Lynch
44s them before they kill you
46s and if you're the murderer you have to
47s sell flee kill people in a boy detection
49s until you're the last one standing back
51s in February we launched a successful
53s Kickstarter back when it was just us and
54s our friends playing the game and that
56s were a quarter million people have
57s played town of Salem
58s we took the $17,000 from the Kickstarter
61s in $40,000 of our own savings and put it
64s into the game those of you been watching
66s the game since the first Kickstarter no
68s how much has been improved in the last
69s six months since we've opened up the
71s game to the public the players been
72s asking for three major things mobile
74s seem and giving the game into other
76s languages that's what this kickstarter
78s is all about it's time for town of Salem
80s to move beyond just the browser and onto
82s other platforms it's going to be cross
84s platform along for steam mobile and
86s browser users to all play together play
88s town of Salem on the go and earn steam
90s achievements town of Salem is played by
92s people all over the world some of these
94s people have English as a second language
95s to support those players we plan on
97s translating the game into as many
99s languages as possible we have much more
101s planned for the game included as stretch
102s goals we need a system to keep the new
105s players from being matched up with the
106s experienced players the r8q system will
109s match players based on experience level
111s which will allow for more competitive
112s games many players have preferences on
114s what roles they want to play as the
116s scroll system will allow a player to
117s increase their chance of being their
119s preferred role and decrease their chance
121s of being a role they dislike as with all
123s internet games some people choose to
125s read other people's fun the trial system
127s will allow the community to help pass
129s judgment on abusive players with
130s moderator approval even with 29 unique
133s roles in the game players have been
134s asking for more and we're happy to
136s announce the werewolf vampire vampire
138s hunter and forger
139s concepts for each role we get to create
142s all backers will also get an in-game
143s character skin although a lot of people
146s are playing time to Salem
147s it's still a free-to-play game without
149s your help we won't be able to continue
150s expanding the game and adding cool new
151s features you can support the game in two
153s ways
154s one donate receive the awesome rewards
156s or to share with your friends by
158s clicking one of the links below you can
160s follow us on Facebook and Twitter for
161s updates can you survive the town the
164s same
164s [Music]

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