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0s welcome to season 3 of T of salm 2
2s ranked this brand new season brings five
4s new reworks to rules multiple balance
6s changes adds in some new R buckets and
9s introduces a massive new gameplay
11s mechanic to the coven let's get straight
12s into
15s it starting off the coven have had a
18s massive new tool added to their kit
19s named Necronomicon passing this allows
22s coven members to vote on who should
24s possess the Necronomicon during the day
26s at the start of the following night the
27s Necronomicon will be passed to whoever
29s had the most vote
31s that player will gain all the abilities
33s that come with an Necronomicon now this
35s is a really exciting change for the game
37s as it allows so much more strategy with
39s COV team not only do you no longer have
41s to rely on the previously predefined
43s Necronomicon order but you can also know
45s change who has the book without anyone
47s on your team even dying this mechanic
49s has so much potential and we're all
51s really excited to see how everyone
52s utilizes it in season
57s 3 a lot of you may be wondering how this
59s new mechanic affects the coven leader
61s rule since it currently will always
62s possess the Necronomicon in light of
65s this change we've entirely overhauled
66s the rule into something brand new during
69s the night the coven leader May pick
70s another member of the coven or
72s themselves to attempt to retrain them
74s you'll be able to select a new coven
75s rule for them to transform into there
78s are some limits on how the rules can be
80s changed you cannot retrain a player into
82s a rule that has previously or already is
84s on the team you can only retrain coven
87s utility and deception rules into other
89s coven utility and deception rules
91s meanwhile coven killing and coven power
93s rules can be turned into any rules in
95s the team the following day the coven
97s member you targeted will be able to
99s accept or decline being retrained if
102s they accept they will instantly
103s transform into the new rule if they
105s decline you'll get a message in chat
107s telling you and you'll try again the
108s next night without losing an ability
110s charge alongside necronom compassing
113s this rework is another really big change
114s we're bring into the coven faction this
116s season a role which can directly control
118s which roles are actually in the game
120s leads to so many unique possibilities
122s for different coven roll combinations
124s and is going to lead to a way more
125s consistent coven team across games we
127s really hope that you all enjoy the new
129s coven
132s leader moving on to the penultimate
134s change for the coven this season dream
136s Warrior Insanity has been replaced we've
139s listened to your feedbacks running the
140s RNG aspects of insanity and have decided
142s to completely replace it with a brand
144s new mechanic named insomnia when a
147s player is suffering from insomnia
148s they're no longer going to be able to
149s use any of their day or night abilities
152s unless the Dreamweaver is killed this
154s change is going to allow dream weever to
156s apply pressures to the time much more
158s reliably than compared to before and
161s alongside this we're also going to be
162s replacing any Insanity related
164s achievements with brand new
168s ones now moving on to our final coven
170s change for the season we have introduced
172s a brand new raw bucket called common
174s coven this new Ru bucket can only spawn
177s coven utility and coven deception rules
180s the reason we're introducing this is
182s we've noticed in games sometimes the
184s coven faction will end up with an unfair
185s amount of coven power or coven killing
187s rules and this is a new way for us to
190s limit that while designing a Ru list
191s while not introducing any kind of hard
193s cap to the game now very similarly to
196s Common coven we're introducing a new
197s rule bucket to the game called common
199s time the common time bucket contains
201s every single time rule except for time
203s power rules this will allow you to cap
205s the amount of total time powers that can
207s spawn in the game without else having to
208s add any kind of hard limit you're going
210s to see both of these new raw buckets in
212s the season 3 ranked list and if you want
214s to give any feedback on it you can do so
217s in the YouTube comments or you can do it
219s in our 2 Discord
223s server now continuing with the time
225s changes Marshall has received a minor
228s rework we've seen your feedback
230s surrounding Marshall being too
231s disruptive in games in light of this
233s we're increasing Marshall's tribunal
235s kind from one tribunal to two however a
238s tribunal will not have two executions
241s instead of the previous three this
243s change slows down Marshall's gameplay
244s without actually changing the total
246s amount of bonus kills it brings to the
247s game which is only two this also gives
250s other players in the game a chance to
251s try kill the Marshall before they get
253s their second tribunal off making it a
254s lot more fair to play
258s against following our Marshall change
260s trickster is getting a full overhaul at
263s night the trickster may now Place magic
265s mirrors on their targets to protect them
267s from an attack if an attacker attacks
269s them they're going to to absorb that
271s attack the following night they're able
273s to unleash the exact attack they
274s absorbed onto another player so if a
277s trickster absorbs a coven attack and
279s then kills another player it'll show as
280s a coven kill alternatively if the
283s trickster absorbs a werewolf attack
285s they'll be able to unleash that full
286s werewolf attack including the Rampage on
288s any other player this is a really
290s interesting direction for the trickster
292s rule to take as there's going to be a
294s lot of really cool plays you can pull
295s off as the trickster yourself and it's a
297s rle which can be reliably fake claimed
299s by evils unlike the previous
303s trickster socialite is being completely
305s overhauled to play fully differently
307s than it currently does during season 2
310s ranked we've observed that the previous
311s social light night chat design was
313s really unhealthy for the game and we've
315s decided to completely scrap the role and
317s bring in a full new design instead the
319s socialite now has a guest list any
321s members of the Town who are not on the
323s socialite guest list are not allowed to
325s attend any of their parties at night
328s during the night the socialite might
329s throw a party at another player's house
331s anyone not on the socialized guest list
333s will be rejected from entering causing
335s their ability to fail this works the
336s same way visiting a jeld player works if
339s a player is rejected from entering they
341s will be added to the social lights guest
342s list for future parties this is a much
345s more strategic design for social light
347s and we're going to be carefully
347s monitoring how it performs during season
350s 3 ranked
351s [Music]
353s offseason now moving on to some smaller
356s balance changes for the T depd has been
358s changed to a unique Ro psychic has had
361s its Vision order swapped and seir may no
364s longer check any players they've checked
365s for the rest of the game all of these
367s changes have been made to ensure these
369s rules are more fairly balanced in their
371s own
375s subalignments we only have a couple
377s changes left and they're both for
378s neutral rules Baker will no longer die
381s of starvation when there are only three
383s other players left instead Baker will
386s stay alive and will transform into
387s famine if every other living player has
389s been given
393s bread the outcome of doomsayer Doom
396s ability has been changed when doomar
399s successfully grases three players they
400s will still leave the T like usual
403s however instead of those players being
404s killed instantly they are all marked as
406s doomed doomed players roles are not
409s revealed to the time and they'll be
410s dealt an Unstoppable attack the
412s following night this will reduce the
414s Sudden Impact Dooms has on the game when
416s they win and will allow doomed players
418s to get any final uses of their ability
420s off such as a conjure Conjuring a meteor
422s or a marshal using
424s tribunal that wraps things up for season
426s 3 we'll be making more changes based on
429s feedback throughout the offseason which
430s will last for another month if you have
432s any feedback on today's update make sure
434s to share on our Discord server or the
435s comments of this video all of us at BMG
438s really hope you enjoyed a new season
440s thanks for watching