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4s tano Salem is a game of murder
7s accusations lying and mob hysteria the
10s game consists of up to 15 players with
14s 29 unique roles to choose from on the
17s top right is our roll card this explains
19s the abilities of our role and the goals
21s we need to accomplish to win on the left
24s is the roll list it shows all of the
26s roles that are in the game the roll is a
28s crucial tool for determining what roles
30s other players in the game are when
33s nighttime begins all of the characters
34s go into their homes we can now use our
37s roles abilities under the veil of night
38s as the serial killer we want to be the
41s last person alive we will start by
43s killing Geils quarry
52s we can see his dead body here indicating
55s that we have successfully murdered him
57s it will be displayed to the town how he
59s was killed this is important information
61s for tracking down the villains his fall
63s will also be displayed and added to the
65s graveyard list as more people die it
68s becomes easier to determine the roles of
70s the remaining players during the day
72s there is a discussion phase where
74s everyone can share what information they
76s have gathered at night
77s investigative roles such as the sheriff
80s will have checked members of the town
81s for suspicious activity the discussion
84s phase is primarily for determining
86s whether players are members of the town
87s or villains if a player is suspected of
90s wrongdoing the town can vote to begin a
92s trial a majority is required to begin
94s this process
102s those who are put on trial will be given
105s a brief period of time to defend
107s themselves
109s next the town will vote guilty or
111s innocent if found innocent the player
114s will rejoin the congregation but if they
116s are found guilty they're sentenced to
117s death
138s this process repeats until there is only
140s one alignment of players left in the
142s game
146s there are many different characters to
148s choose from
159s you can also pick what you want your
161s town to look like
174s you can choose what your characters
177s house will be
182s town of salem currently has over 300
185s unique achievements tallow salem is
191s currently in alpha testing we need the
193s support of the Kickstarter community to
195s finish the game if you enjoyed playing
197s games like Mafia and werewolf with your
198s friends then you will love town of Salem
200s please support this project and tell
202s your friends about it thank you