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7s welcome townies to the town of salem
10s patch notes video I am pyro monkey GG
12s here to bring you the news on the
14s endgame screen moderator commands the
17s new shop items and release of the ranked
19s system en game screen is a new post game
22s lobby this screen will have all the
24s information from your game you just
25s finished you can chat with the people
28s from your game add people as friends see
31s their in-game roles report players and
33s see their account names also it will
35s show you the amount of town points you
36s got from that game amount of games you
38s have won lost and drawn if it was a
41s ranked game it will show your win loss
43s draw stats in ranked as well as the
45s amount of élow you won or lost more
47s about the rank system in a minute but
49s first we're adding new moderator
51s commands this will let us have indie
54s moderators that can chat warn suspend or
56s permanently ban people during live
58s gameplay remember before doing anything
60s against the rules that there might be a
62s mod in your game in game mods are
65s determined by the admins and will be the
67s people we trust most we have awesome new
69s shop items dispatch a character named
72s candy two houses bozos fun house and
75s dropship and a new map called final
78s frontier
82s who's excited about ranked play I am
84s starting when the patch goes live every
87s player with at least 50 games played can
89s play ranked you will start with 1200 elo
92s your elo is your current ranking in town
94s of Salem when playing ranked you will be
96s grouped with people with similar elo as
99s you win ranked games you will earn more
101s ello as you lose ranked games you will
104s lose elo the amount you win or lose is
107s also affected by which role you were in
109s the game rules that are harder to win
110s with earn more points when winning and
112s loses the rank system goes live we'll be
115s starting the first preseason each
117s preseason will be a time when changes
119s happen to the game and will allow
121s players to adjust to playing ranked with
123s those changes absent preseason
125s ehlo will be reset to start a new season
128s of ranked play people near the top of
130s the standings at the end of the season
131s will get various rewards thanks for
134s joining me on this patch notes video
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138s channel to never miss an update let us
140s know what you think in the comments just
141s below the video
146s you