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Recently I downloaded Trackmania 2020, however there is an issue which makes it very annoying to play well. I constantly get ~0.2-0.4 sec of input lag, whether in solo or in arcade rooms etc.

I have tried setting GPU/CPU sync to None, Immediate, 1 Frame etc but this hasn't helped. V-Sync has always been off. I use mouse and keyboard and have an integrated GPU (in case any of this info helps.)

My machine isn't exactly the best, but the same input lag is still there even when the FPS is steady.

I've seen a few threads across this forum or other sites but so far none of the solutions really work. Any ideas?

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@G4l4xyGuy Hey! Welcome to Discussions!

I'm sorry that you are experiencing this input lag in your game. Something we can try off the bat is to check your Power Mode settings. We'd suggest changing this to at least Balanced, if not High Performance. This will help make sure the game is getting the power needed to run well, even from your integrated GPU. I would also suggest running though the steps in our general PC guide here. Also, just to rule this out, if you have an extra keyboard or mouse laying around, can you check if you switch it out, do you notice less input lag? Let me know.

Thank you!

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