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Since yesterdays update, the shadows are too dark. Game becomes therefore unplayable for me - cant see the track in a lot of places. Changig shader Settings didnt help.

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@RennfahrerAndi Hey! Welcome to Discussions!

I went ahead and merged your two posts into one thread. 🙂 Thanks for taking an image of this issue and letting us know about it. I can definitely see how it would be difficult to drive tracks when shadows are this dark and make it harder to see! I would be bonking everything!

Please try the troubleshooting steps here and be sure to verify your game files, as this could help fix whatever settings may be causing this issue. If it doesn't though, could you please also grab a screenshot of your current graphic settings so we can take a look?

Thanks in advance!

@baron-balkon Hey! Sorry to see that you are also having this issue as well. Would you mind grabbing a screenshot of your graphic settings? Thank you!