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When I queue matchmaking, around one out of two times I get the error message "couldn't contact server". Trying to join again doesn't work, I've tried it countless times. I can't go back to the main menu either, so my only option is to restart the game, which is a bit annoying.
Other than that, when matchmaking works, it works really well.
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Hey guys, thanks for reaching and bringing this to our attention.

Did you happen to notice any consistencies at all or does it all happen randomly, without any particular steps to follow that may allow us to reproduce it?

In the meantime, if you haven't already, give the following steps a go as it will allow you to establish better connection to game servers.

Keep us updated!
6 days ago - Tona. - Direct link
Hello and thanks for your report.

It looks like there were somme issues yesterday night (after 10:30 PM CET). Our team is investigating. Could you please tell me at what time did you have this issue?


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