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I get this error saying "Corrupted installation. PLease verify files integrity or reinstall the game" like in https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/112928/a-list-of-common-errors-problems-and-their-fixes?lang=en-US recently. The game used to work a few weeks ago so I guess my computer is fit for the game. I never ran into this error before.

I tryed every succestion. I ran it as administrator (I think it doesn't work otherwise, there is this shield icon next to the Ubixsoft Connect icon). I checked the files, I reinstalled the game, I reinstalled Ubisoft Connect. I disabled every filewall, antivirus software and even windows defender. I also installed Visual C++ Redistributables.

What shall I do now?

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Hey @sblei sorry to hear about this error regarding corrupted files. As a few extra tests, could you try to run the game's exe file with Administrator Privileges as well? I do see you had played without any errors a few weeks ago, if you happen to have made any installation changes between the last time you could play and this error do you recall moving any game or client files?

If you notice that your game and Ubisoft Connect are installed to different drives (such as Ubisoft Connect being on a D drive and your game automatically installing to the C drive) can you please install both the game and Ubisoft Connect to the same drive on your PC? We are here if you see any further issues.