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For some reason my game crashes straight to the desktop relatively regularily in the past weeks.
Today, for the second time in a row, I had my crash to the desktop upon crossing the first checkpoint in the first KO round of COTD.
The same thing happened three days, also on the first KO round of COTD.
Additionally, my game also crashed the same way during a Spammiej the game, but then it was further into the match, not the first KO round, and it happened like 2 times in solo.
But all of those occurences have in common, that it's always the first checkpoint.

I tried verifying files. I tried reinstalling the game. Nothing helped.
No crash log is generated.
I do not have a clip of it happening (anymore), but it's always the same:

  1. Start race
  2. Cross first checkpoint
  3. Freeze on the exact same frame as crossing the checkpoint (CP sound is audible, but UI doesn't render yet)
  4. Freeze persists for about 1-2 seconds
  5. Crash to desktop.

I'm starting to get annoyed. Not only does the performance of the game go down seemingly week by week, but now also those crashes make it really annoying...

about 2 months ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello @Ze-Rax thank you for getting in touch with us and letting us know of this particular crash to the desktop when playing COTD matches and crossing the first checkpoints or completing one round.

Thank you for letting us know you have tried to verify the files and reinstall the game. I have yet to come across any recent player threads reporting the exact same issue with COTD.

Can you let us know if you use any mods with the game such as OpenPlanet or any other software such as those that show your key presses on screen? If so, if you uninstall these programs, do you still encounter these crashes when playing COTD?

Do you also use any VPN software whilst playing that you can disable to test if this is causing any connection issues with the servers?

Finally, could you please follow each step remaining in our troubleshooting guide for crashes, to help us rule out if your particular COTD crashes are caused by hardware, software, corrupted game files, Windows settings or otherwise > https://www.ubisoft.com/help?article=000061047

Please get back to us on the questions above when you can and after testing each step in our guide above.