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I was wondering what is the reason that we cannot customize car skin's normal map?

We can customize "Wheels_N" and "Details_N", but we cannot use "Skin_N".
It seems a bit limiting considering that most Details are never seen by the player. Especially when looking at where the details on Details normal map are actually placed (like for an example on the inner side of the wheels base, which will never be seen, unless you intend to implement damage model where the wheels will fall off).
I'm pretty sure that both Details and Skin objects both use the same (or similar) PBR material, which could easily support the use of normal map for Skin.

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Hey there @Kekeciam

Thank you for reaching out to us, we don't have the information available as to why exactly it isn't possible to amend a car's normal map as you can the wheels / details, however I have forwarded your comments onto the team so they can consider them.

Should you have anything more you'd like to share, or we can answer, please do let us know!