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today my game crashed while I was playing ranked and since then I cannot start up the game anymore. The game freeze on a black screen with the loading symbol in the bottom right corner. I can hear sound but nothing is happening. Reinstall and launching again didnt work. I checked drivers. all good. Pls help.

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Hi there 😊

I am sorry to read that you cannot play the game any more. Thanks for the screenshot!

Could you please try to run the game with admin rights? Please also verify the game files within Ubisoft Connect, to make sure none of the files are corrupted.


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Hi everyone 😊

I am sorry that the game keeps crashing and that the suggested troubleshooting steps did not help!

To rule out any issues with your systems, could you please go through the following PC troubleshooting guide and try all the steps we have not discussed until now?

Please also make sure you have the latest update of Ubisoft Connect installed and try running the launcher with admin rights as well.

Please let me know once you have done so and if anything improves the situation 🙂

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@Tw21C Hi again, and thanks for the update 😊

I am sorry that you are still not able to play the game! Thanks for trying all my suggestions 🙂

Have you also tried the other steps within our guide? Like disabling background applications, etc?