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Hello there, I believe either map selection for cup of the day is broken/ the devs haven't given an announcement into this. Ice (a fairly major style when looking at arcade room playerbase), has not been in COTD for 21 days. I (as well as the greater ice community) am wondering if this is an error in the map selector or whether this is deliberate (due to ice physics changing soon). If it is a deliberate change i.e. not playing ice until changes come into effect, why hasn't an announcement been made about this (as COTD is a fun event, but it does get increasingly more frustrating when your style isn't played). Or if it is the map selector, is there a way for results from map review to be less biased against ice maps? Many thanks.

5 months ago - Ubi-Havoc - Direct link

Hi there @DarkLight203 thanks for reaching out to share your concerns on a lack of ice maps during the Cup of the Day. At the moment I am not seeing any changes to the map selection to purposefully void ice maps. I will check in with the teams to see if there are any current issues with the rotation and be back in touch on this thread as soon as I have more info!

4 months ago - Ubi-Havoc - Direct link

Hey again @DarkLight203 thank you for your patience! I checked in with the Trackmania teams who confirmed there is not a way to change the map selector. However, the choice of maps for the COTD is picked from the submissions shared so please keep a lookout for any ice maps being picked. ⛽