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Hi everyone!
Updating the game from 08/09/2022 brought several problems to my dedicated server.

1. The status remained green for all players coming to the server (screenshot not saved). Restarting the server did not help, but replacing the file (/packs/Trackmania.Title.Pack.gbx) with a file from the folder with the installed game helped.
2. Something wrong with displaying my ghost's name

3. Some new maps do not start, just turn on the following. For example, this: (https://trackmania.exchange/maps/view/74770) and this: (https://trackmania.exchange/maps/view/74755). In the logs, the following information:

[2022/09/11 11:01:51] [egigqRwIQo21oxB7gpMKMg ($z$o$w$i$80Fl๏l-mini.r$A4Fә$C8Fl$DBFa$FFFx$z)] $z$s$fff»» $ff0Admin $fffSokol.TM$z$s$ff0 has skipped to the next map.
[2022/09/11 11:01:51] [egigqRwIQo21oxB7gpMKMg ($z$o$w$i$80Fl๏l-mini.r$A4Fә$C8Fl$DBFa$FFFx$z)] $z$s$fff»» $fa0The next map will be $fffBugslideR #31$z$s$fa0 as requested by $fffSokol.TM$z$s$fa0.
[2022/09/11 11:02:22] Loading map TMNEXT-43479.Map.Gbx (qbrVsDU3RpKyt0SpMrxuqWaSmZf)...


[2022/09/11 11:01:56] ...ERROR: Load failed. File corrupted?
[2022/09/11 11:02:22] ...ERROR: Load failed. File corrupted?
[2022/09/11 11:02:22] Loading map TMNEXT-43479.Map.Gbx (qbrVsDU3RpKyt0SpMrxuqWaSmZf)...
[2022/09/11 11:02:22] ...Load succeeds

The last dedicated server: (https://nadeo-download.cdn.ubi.com/trackmania/TrackmaniaServer_Latest.zip) from 24/06/22 is clearly time to update...

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@Sokol-TM Hey! Thanks for bringing this to our attention and I'm sorry to see that you've run into these issues with your dedicated server. Please try the troubleshooting steps in our guides here and here. These steps should help, but if you still have any problems, please come back and let us know so we can help take a closer look into this. Also, would it be possible to record a video showing the issue where the new maps don't start? Once you have the video, you can upload it to a website like YouTube as public or unlisted and share the link here. Thank you!