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Hello, this week I started seeing this odd mirror-like shadowing on the screen when I play. It happens every time I play Live and every now and then I can play it without the shadows when I'm playing Solo, but it's very random and seldom. I did not change any settings for this issue to happen and it's only been since the latest update, I presume. I have tried changing some settings to no avail.
My GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

Thank you for your help. The game is quite unplayable this way. Not enjoyable.

Edit: I uploaded incorrect video initially. This is the correct one.


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@Flyin-J Hey! Welcome to Discussions!

Sorry to see that you are having this weird graphical issue in the game. Thank you for providing this video too, that's always super helpful when we're reviewing an issue like this! I noticed you mention it happens every time you play Live, but could you let me know if this happens with every map you play, or only with a specific one? Please also try these troubleshooting steps and let me know if you see any improvements. Thank you!