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after opening TM, the in play graphics have become pixilated and jumnpy. It also radomly put me in GPS on one map when halfway through the track. The colours on some maps look very weird aswell. i think it was yesterday that i downloaded the update and thinking that is the problem, someone else last night also commented in chat asking if there were changes to the graphics. It was late at night and may not have noticed the issue then as i was tired. I have tried reinstalling ubisoft and TM, graphics driver is upto date, downloaded new windows update, and reset my router. It is still happening though. tried different graphics settings as well.

any ideas would be appricated

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@bobman2022 Hey! Welcome to Discussions!

So sorry to hear that your graphics have become pixelated and the colors are weird after the latest update. 😞 I see you've already tried some troubleshooting, but just to be sure, please go through all of the steps here as there may be steps that could help still. If the issue still persists, would you mind recording a video showing the graphic issues so that we can take a closer look? Once you have the video, please upload it to a website like YouTube or Google Drive, and share the link with us here. Please also make sure the video is set to Public or Unlisted so that we'll be able to see it. Could you also take a screenshot of your current graphic settings?

Once we have the video and screenshots, we can look into this further and get it reported up to the dev team. Thanks!