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I found a bug related to forced cameras.
If the forced cam is right at the start of the map and you reset your run after the forced cam in cam 7, you are not able to steer/accelerate/brake in your next run. Reloading the map fixes it.
I testet other forced cams like loop cams and found no problem with these. I found it only happening on maps that start with a forced cam 2.

Example maps:
https://trackmania.exchange/maps/70270/midori: (https://trackmania.exchange/maps/70270/midori)
https://trackmania.exchange/maps/88473/polar-night-ft-karlukki-storm: (https://trackmania.exchange/maps/88473/polar-night-ft-karlukki-storm)

Reproducing steps:

  • drive until forced cam 2 ends
  • go into cam 7
  • restart your run

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@N4zg0r Hey there! Welcome to Discussions!

Thanks so much for getting this issue reported to us. Would you also have a video of this happening? If you can, please record a video of this issue and upload it to YouTube as Public or Unlisted. You can then share the link with us here. A video will help the team take a closer look and investigate this issue further. Thanks!