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a player on one of our Evo servers notified me of this game crash happening under very specific circumstances.
We do have a command to simulate a player re-joining the server, for all intents and purposes our server controller treats the player as just having joined the server after executing that command, which means it also re-sends all the Manialinks and client-side maniascript stuff to the client.
I narrowed it down to this minimal piece of Maniascript/Manialink that will cause a client crash because GUIPlayer is not null and we try to log it.

I've attached a crash log and here are the reproduction steps:

  1. Send the Manialink from https://hastebin.com/ovoqalejoh.xml: (https://hastebin.com/ovoqalejoh.xml) to a client via XMLRPC method SendDisplayManialinkPageToLogin
  2. Client will crash if player is spawned (aka not in Spectator mode)

LogCrash txt file can be found here https://hastebin.com/ovatidaxek.log: (https://hastebin.com/ovatidaxek.log)

13 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello @Evo-Chris92 thank you for the detailed description of the crash your friend on your server encountered and thank you for the files.

I will forward this to our Nadeo team to look into, do you happen to remember the Ubisoft name of the affected player, in case our QA team need to know their UID?

12 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Thanks very much for that info @Evo-Chris92

We have also managed to replicate the crash too following the steps and details you gave use - our Nadeo devs believe this may be fixed on the next game update 🙂