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First crash: https://streamable.com/yd9qg8: (https://streamable.com/yd9qg8)
Second crash: https://streamable.com/7lpdr8: (https://streamable.com/7lpdr8)
Third crash: https://streamable.com/j7sagt: (https://streamable.com/j7sagt)

When the new map is the very first map in the pool, the server is going to crash.

It wíll come back after the mapchange but bots are able to play it and you might be knocked out then.

8 months ago - eyebodev - Direct link

@Twitch-Schwabba The map has been removed from the current rotation of Royal maps. Thanks for the report.

7 months ago - Ubi-Froggard - Direct link

Thanks for letting us know @eyebodev

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