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Not 100% sure if this is the right sub-forum and happy for post to be moved if not.
This has prob been bought up several times, but I was wondering if any future games might feature Nadeo getting the wizards in to record STM times like in Turbo. Getting all the regular traskmasters added/adds a lot of reply value (esp cuz the game is hard).. but having super solo there looming in case adds a lot of motivation and prestige even if vast majority of the won't get a lot of them. I know there was that thing with certain few players and using slowdown while recording some of the STMs debacle, maybe that put a spanner in the works... but the concept is really cool and ppl drawn to single player challenge type things would like it a lot. What do you think the chances are?
I think if it was like Turbo, with the stats are fleshed out, the rankings are more visible, inter-connected it would be really good. Esp if PapyChampy comes through again and outdoes himself! : P


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