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I´ve built this map. I can´t validate the map because, there are a couple checkpoints located outside of the base as seen in the screenshot, which i can´t delete. I would try to fix it with saving the map as a macroblock and placing it in a new base but macroblocks are not working atm. Maybe you guys have any idea how to fix that. Thx in advance.

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@QuosmicSloth Hey there! Welcome to Discussions!

I'm sorry that you're having trouble getting this map validated. So that we can look into this more, could you please take a video showing you clicking the validation button? Once you have the video, please upload it to a website like YouTube as public or unlisted and share the link here. Also, after you click the validation button, can you also hit Ctrl+G to see if a debug log will open? If it does, taking a screenshot of this will help. You should be able to close it by hitting Ctrl+G again. Finally, I'd suggest that you also try the troubleshooting steps here in the meantime to see if they help fix this issue.

Let me know how it goes, thanks!