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I've set my location down to the state level, yet my regional rankings are blank for the current campaign. I downloaded the game this summer, and I have never seen them work. Do you have any suggestions on how to get the regional rankings working? Below is an example of what I mean by "missing". The global rankings are working properly.

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@RedRabbit01 Hey! Welcome to Discussions!

Sorry that you aren't seeing the regional ranks in your game! Does this only happen for the Summer 2022 maps? Or does it happen elsewhere as well? Please give these steps a try so we can rule out any issues with the game servers that could be preventing this data from loading. There is also a workaround that was provided from the Community Devleoper which you can try:

  • change your region to anything else than the one you currently have
  • wait a little (approx. one hour)
  • change back to your preferred region
  • wait one hour so it takes into account and restart the game
  • see if it works

Please let me know if this helps! Thank you!