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Just picked up a ps5 controller as my old controller was on it's way out but I'm having a really hard time trying to get it to work in game. The game does recognize it, however it recognizes it as an xbox controller and the inputs are screwed up (not key bindings, menu controls) i.e. the 'X' button goes back in menus and the square button acts as what the 'X' button should be.

This wouldn't really be an issue for me as I could just get used to it but that isn't the main issue. In game there are major issues with inputs being recognized. For example, if I do a quick tap turn input into holding the turn it will not hold the input and the car will just go straight. This happens every single time and truly makes it unplayable.

I'm mainly wondering if anybody has found a workaround, I've tried ds4 windows but it also has trouble with this controller. Debating returning this for another ps4 controller if there is no way to fix this. The controller is really nice but I want to be able to actually use it outside of steam games.
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I was able to find a workaround. If anyone else is having this problem you can add the game to steam with "Add a non-steam product" and it will work with the steam beta PS5 controller drivers. Not ideal but it does work.
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