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28 Mar

[SW] Nooklings buying for 488

4 days ago - /u/djfluffkins on Reddit - Thread - Direct

I would love an invite!

[SW] nooklings buying at 576

4 days ago - /u/djfluffkins on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by xXAdventXx

It is but I only accept people who let me know what cool stuff they can bring first

haha sorry about that, I just looked at what people were responding with.

I don't have any of the stuff you're looking for XD and I only have one gold at this point. GL! Thanks for sharing in general!

[SW] nooklings buying at 576

4 days ago - /u/djfluffkins on Reddit - Thread - Direct

waitlist if actually still happening :)

[SW] Nooklings buying for 309

4 days ago - /u/djfluffkins on Reddit - Thread - Direct

also in :)

[SW] nooklings buying at 553

4 days ago - /u/djfluffkins on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Also 105 I would love an invite.

10 Feb

Let's save the world. Time to reconnect

about 2 months ago - /u/itmightbedave on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Installing zipline across Australia let’s go!

02 Feb

Originally posted by Skittlebean

I lived at 399 for a year facing the bay bridge. Really amazing views day and night.

This was the first year it was open though, and the elevators were always broken.

Couldn't deal with a 30 minute in building commute to my apartment

I live there now. It hasn’t gotten better.

26 Jan

Something I really love about Django is that you don’t need to understand everything it’s doing to get started and feel like it’s useful. DRF isn’t like that.

DRF is one of those frameworks that’s hard to use unless you really understand every part of it. While what you’re doing isn’t wrong, you’re leaving a lot on the table, and it’s likely because you don’t know everything it can do.

I went through this with DRF. It wasn’t until I dedicated some time with the documentation to really understand how DRF approached things that I got over it. Don’t know if that’s what’s blocking you or not, but maybe it helps.

23 Jan

Jeff on hero bans

2 months ago - /u/itmightbedave on Reddit - Thread - Direct

My guess is this system Jeff is alluding to allows balance updates without a client patch. Overwatch has a huge QA window because of OWL and because Blizzard emphasizes client stability. Unless they’re hotfixing, their turnaround on development seems to be about 3 months. That said, if all you’re doing is adjusting how much damage Sigma does per shot, that shouldn’t require a whole patch with a full QA process.

That said, it isn’t a sexy answer to the problem, so I imagine that’s why he filmed the dev update a while ago but hasn’t released it yet...they are editing to make sure it adequately explains what they want to do.

I could be wrong, but I’ve shipped a lot of software. If I were trying to solve Jeff’s stated goals that’s what I would do.

11 Dec

Originally posted by [deleted]


Do you mean

Originally posted by strawberrynonsense

Is there a proper place to submit games like these? I can think of many more games like this.

Not at the moment, but we are considering options.

I understand there are more games in the same situation and the team is aware of this thread, but we are looking for a long term plan and a standard procedure to address similar issues in the future rather than relying on Reddit volunteers to point these out to us :).

10 Dec

Surfaced to the appropriate team. They'll look into this and probably merge both when possible.

Right now the dashboard saves in local storage. So if you reset cookies or change machines it will reset. We are working on persistence across machines as well as a way to set different layouts for different channels if you are an editor using the dashboard on someone else's channel.

06 Dec

Originally posted by OshiSeven

Is it possible to have all the menus pre-opened on the hidden right dock? This plus Middle click would be very useful.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking for, but if you can elaborate a little bit I’m sure it’s possible!

05 Dec

Originally posted by GreatPadinski

Hey there! One feature I notice was removed was the ability to open up analytics, channel settings, etc in a separate tab. Now the only option is to left click which redirects the whole page. I mean sure I can duplicate that tab then go back, but it's very inconvenient. Can you please add the option back to right click and open in new tab? Thanks!

Thanks for reporting, one of our team also caught this and we will be bringing it back.

This one didn’t come up in feedback before, but totally makes sense. We will take care of it.

Originally posted by zombiexm

All editor stuff does not work. We cant access the dashboard, video producer, highlight from the video tab, edit videos. All of it redirects to our own dashboards. Are you guys removing this? alot of us use these roles, and I bet alot of bigger streamers pay people to do this for them. /u/djfluffkins

We worked on the hotfix for this. It should be live now so editor access to video and such should be working.

It might be the URL patterns because it's now dashboard.

New Stream Manager - Stream Stats?

4 months ago - /u/itmightbedave on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by yoonjelly

Does that mean it will eventually have the pop out option, or does that mean the old link will work for now, and then go away with no other options?

We don't have any plans to remove the old link right now, and I don't expect we will remove it until we have a substitute. Does that help?

Originally posted by ElectricHusky11

It shows the sub points on the new dashboard for me, right next to the subscriber count. That's weird that it won't show it for you.

We're gonna add it back for all users. Currently it only shows if you have a sub goal for an emote unlock. (so Partners who have hit 10k and Affiliates who have hit 50 would not see it)

04 Dec

I take nothing lightly. That's why I use dark mode!

Hi Everyone!

We added an easter egg to the Creator Dashboard / Stream Manager to allow you to add / remove elements on the page (including Edit Stream Information).

Just go and push UP + UP + DOWN + DOWN + LEFT + RIGHT + LEFT + RIGHT + B + A to bring up this hidden menu.

Some of you might be asking... WTF? Why is this not just regular functionality? Why are you hiding it? You're dumb!

(hint: the last one isn't a question, but it might be true)

I'm posting this to share that we're continuing to invest in improvements. But simply put, the nice add/remove (which wouldn't require reloading) is not ready for prime time yet. We've been working hard with other teams to incorporate a seamless solution, but we aren't at a point where we think you'll be happy with it. At the same time, we know this is functionality many of you really rely on in the old dashboard, so we wanted to give those power users a way to add/remove.

"Ok idiot, why are you...

Read more External link →

New Stream Manager - Stream Stats?

4 months ago - /u/itmightbedave on Reddit - Thread - Direct

The popouts for old panels that don't yet have analogs in the new dashboard won't be going away! We'll be keeping them for a while, so will work for some time to come. Hope that helps.

22 Nov

New Dashboard Feedback

4 months ago - /u/djfluffkins on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by tugboet

Just to update, anytime I get a channel point redemption the activity feed freezes and requires a page refresh to load.

Awesome, thanks for the report. I'll get both the activity feed and channel points teams to look into this.

Can you give me slightly more detail? 1. Can you confirm this is new dashboard? (or old dashboard, or both). 2. Can you share the settings for the redemption that you've configured?

20 Nov

Mobile app not working on iOS

4 months ago - /u/c_freman on Reddit - Thread - Direct

This should be fixed now for most users.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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