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24 Mar


Originally posted by AxleHogenshmogen

What division(s) do you think will be seeing the most losses, and why those ones?

It's still unknown.

21 Mar


Originally posted by Shotay3

This. I also find it hard to believe. Small streamers, f.e. I am costing Twitch definately more than I have income. I am using lots of diskspace and traffic for many streams I did, compared to my small viewerbase and the income I make. Why would they do million dollar contracts with f.e. Shroud and other streamers, to use exclusively Twitch, when it costs them money to do so... It doesn't make sense to me.

I really would like to understand the architectural and technical issues, or better said, what is technically needed and whats the difference in streaming to thousands, rather than just a few viewers. It can't be much more than just traffic capabilities?! Shrouds videos take 2mbit more than mine, so storage can't really be the big cost here.

And then again, isn't everyone able to watch everyones stream? What if thousands of viewers decide to "raid" a small streamer? It's not like the small streamer will suddenly cost a lot of money, as technically, this already ...

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Sorry, just putting my thoughts here as I really would like to understand their argumentation. And right now, I don't believe the statements and they seem to be PR bullsh*t for damage control.

As Sam covered in that thread, the sub/viewers ratio for larger streamers is much smaller than for smaller ones, while consuming much more bandwidth. That's really it.

15 Feb


Originally posted by FerretBomb

1) Find out which executive changed the preroll-disable maximum from 75 minutes to 30 minutes, and change their mind. This would make the preroll-disable product actually usable for non-esports casters, instead of just being a rage-inducing taunt.

2) If they refuse, allow me to bribe you to swap the sugar in their coffee for salt every day until they change their mind.

Seriously, this was going to be awesome for everyone involved until some jerk got grubby stupid greedyfingers. This is the most rage-inducing part of my day, along with the justification that a single 30-second preroll per viewer is "more valuable" than 3-6 3-minute hourly ad breaks. That doesn't pass the sniff test. It doesn't even pass the basic logic test.

(Failing that, bump me into the 60m max disable group? Please?!)

CLIPS. PLEASE. Give Clips some love. A meta-tagging system, and filters so we can categorize and sort them for monthly/year-in-review roll-ups. Clips coul...

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half surprised your answer wasn't "Talk to DJFLuFFKiNS" :)

21 Oct


Best guess is that the low latency video player doesn’t use AVPlayerItem. This is a piece of code iOS provides apps to play video so each app doesn’t have to reinvent video playback from the ground up. It’s quite useful if you’re an app developer who wants to add video. However, it comes expectations around video formats. I imagine low latency mode doesn’t have enough of a buffer to send to AVPlayerItem to make it work and has to do something custom in the app to play video.

That said, it’s been three years since I’ve had to do iOS development so I could be off on the details here.

29 Jul


It's for one month only.

14 Mar

25 Feb


Originally posted by Smileyvampire

Speedy reply apparently, but still no fix as far as I can tell. I hope you're on it because it gets really unnerving to always tap on my tablet so it doesnt get screen burn-in. Anyone else still got the issues?

It should be fixed on 10.2, have you updated to it?

24 Feb


Originally posted by gdtrfbliss


The fix is on 10.2. It's at 50% rollout yet so you may need to wait a bit for Google to enable it for you.


Originally posted by gdtrfbliss

This is still happening. It is very annoying and interferes with the activities I participate in on Twitch. It happens every couple minutes or more.

What's your app version?

23 Feb


Originally posted by Oceana123

Glad you guys were able to fix this!

Another question: are there any plans on allowing us to use our Twitch Prime via the Twitch app? Thanks!

Unfortunately that's restricted due to store policies.


Originally posted by KidFrank13

What day this week is the scheduled release of this fix?

It's been submitted to Google Play today.

08 Feb


Originally posted by bullshque

Still getting this issue

The fix is scheduled to be released by the last week of February

05 Feb


Originally posted by Odojas

I was beginning to pull my hair out over this bug. Glad you are all aware. Sounds like it might get fixed by the the end of feb?

Yes, the fix will be in 10.2, released at the end of Feb.

04 Feb


Originally posted by bmaruco

ok, thank you! It is really really annoying lol

Yes, I use an Android device myself and I can relate.


Originally posted by bmaruco

Do you know when the next release will be?

End of Feb. We have reproduced on Android (not on iOS) but given how random it is, the cause is unclear.

01 Feb


Originally posted by vicioushermit

Sell it too him if hes that big. If he aint got the doe to pay up f**k em.

I recommend against this as selling user accounts is against the community guidelines and could result in a ban. I recommend blocking and reporting them since at this point it’s borderline attempting to intimidate and scam you out of your username. You won’t get sued for a username. That’s not how the world works. Whoever is messaging you is grossly misinformed.

24 Jan


Originally posted by Oceana123

No problem at all! Glad you guys were able to fix this! Quite annoying for us mobile viewers haha

Just to clarify, the team is looking into the issue but the fix is not ready and tested yet, so I'll take another release at least.


Originally posted by Oceana123

Any news yet? :(

Sorry. I meant to update this on Monday. We submitted the app on Friday but the fix didn't make it on time. I'll check on Monday and confirm if it can make it for the next one.

Apologies for the slow fix, there was a significant backlog of items for the first release of the year.

13 Jan


Originally posted by CrappyMSPaintPics

On the same topic, in mobile the 'hype train' and polls cause the chat to take up half of the screen and can't be disabled in any way. Can you add the option to collapse or exit it?

Someone made a thread about it a month ago and got no response.

Sorry, just saw this. I've created a ticket for it, but given this needs Product alignment it might take a few weeks.


Originally posted by Dee_Kay_Dee

Bump - Any news on the fix? It's super annoying and we're half way through Jan now

We haven't done any releases in Jan yet. The first is scheduled to be submitted next week. I'll reply here if the fix made it.

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