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13 Jan


Originally posted by CrappyMSPaintPics

On the same topic, in mobile the 'hype train' and polls cause the chat to take up half of the screen and can't be disabled in any way. Can you add the option to collapse or exit it?

Someone made a thread about it a month ago and got no response.

Sorry, just saw this. I've created a ticket for it, but given this needs Product alignment it might take a few weeks.


Originally posted by Dee_Kay_Dee

Bump - Any news on the fix? It's super annoying and we're half way through Jan now

We haven't done any releases in Jan yet. The first is scheduled to be submitted next week. I'll reply here if the fix made it.

20 Dec


Originally posted by Junper

Hey, don't know if you can pass this out too, but the Twitch app uses a lot of battery while using Chromecast. In the battery stats it shows that is actually Google Services, but this happens only with Twitch. Other apps with Chromecast doesn't do this. Also, if you force stop the Twitch app, it stops the battery drain.

Thanks, I'll pass it along too.

19 Dec


Thanks for the report. We have reproduced the issue and hopefully we'll have a fix for it in January.

17 Nov


Originally posted by forgetfullsins

thanks for the speedy reply, curious on why twitch dosnt push this more often instead of ads. may i recommend a popup of some sort that detects adblockers and suggests turbo? i would consider that a much less annoying way to push people to a less annoying for everyone way of making more money, than forcing ads and not obviously showing an alternative besides subbing to every single person you watch.

ive been watching twitch for years and never heard of turbo.

I can't really answer as I honestly don't know, I'm sorry.


This already exists, it's called Twitch Turbo:

02 Aug


Watching a new streamer for the first time is a lot like a first date. If you want a second date with someone, the first date had to feel like a good time that you want more of.

There’s no set way to do that, but in my experience the best first dates feel like there’s a common connection, humor, and everyone ends it feeling good about themselves. It’s pretty hard to do, because you never know when someone will pop in.

The first streamer I ever watched consistently I discovered while he was playing Mother Simulator and I was laughing my ass off within minutes.

15 Jun


Is this on iOS? Could you please confirm the App Version you are using (visible in Settings, at the bottom)?

Also, could you please list one or two channels where this happened?

19 May


You just needs fields = ['__all__']. If you want all fields in the nested serializer, you need to set it on that object.


Signals aren’t discouraged, but it’s easy to make things a signal that probably shouldn’t be. In my experience, this comes up a lot when figuring out how to handle logic that shouldn’t be in a view but is intrinsic to how my models relate to each other. There are lots of articles on this.

Because of that, it’s a good practice to think hard about whether there are other ways to do the same thing before resorting to signals.


Originally posted by sidsidroc

You have to setup nginx and not use run server to start your app, look into gunicorn instead

This. Django is a framework. Not a production web server. You need to set up a web server, and then configure it to host Django. You can google a lot of tutorials for different web servers to do it.

18 May

16 May


It isn’t wrong, but you’re missing out on a lot Django has to offer in the long run. If you just need a framework to handle routes and views, Flask may be a better fit.

15 May


Originally posted by 4x49ers

wtf do they want then?

Let them stay home to put human lives over profit? Not to be forced to return to a dangerous work environment? To not be treated as human machinery under the guise of being "essential"?

Do you realize that if not for Amazon and other delivery services way more people would be going out to buy stuff, in many cases risk groups? That if we sent those workers home the end result would be way more people getting sick?

Did you even read Bezos' word about Amazon actually LOSING money the next quarter because they're investing $4b on safety measures?


Originally posted by Ladlien

Demonising Amazon

Amazon doesn't need any help from journalists to look bad. It's OK to be critical of a multibillion dollar corporation run by a trillionaire. If everything is hunky-dory, they should release the numbers and be totally transparent. If they have nothing to hide, they shouldn't be keeping worker deaths from their colleagues.

It's OK to be critical. It's not OK to blame them for everything just because they are a multibillion company. This article is crap and the data doesn't support these attacks. Envy, on the hand, explains things much better.


Short answer is yes. How you do that depends on how you intend to use it. If you want to embed it in another Django project, run a command line script, use it like a library, etc. Without knowing more it’s hard to advise further.

18 Apr


No Keyra-Seb-Jet makes this list cry.

28 Mar


I would love an invite!


Originally posted by xXAdventXx

It is but I only accept people who let me know what cool stuff they can bring first

haha sorry about that, I just looked at what people were responding with.

I don't have any of the stuff you're looking for XD and I only have one gold at this point. GL! Thanks for sharing in general!


waitlist if actually still happening :)

When do they post?

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