Bjorn - GSG

Bjorn - GSG

12 Jan

Hello Miners,

Removed extra logging again, and attempt to fix a crash

With love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

- Attempt to fix crash related to Acid Spitter and Glyphid Menace
- Removed additional logging

04 Jan

Just adding some logging and fixed button after season level 100 showing ? icon.

With love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

- Fixed button after season level 100 showing ? icon
- Testing some additional logging

13 Dec

Hello Miners,

Remember when we said it was the last patch, two patches ago? Deep Rock Galactic remembers..

With love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

- Fixed rare late join crash
- Fixed Rare crash
- Testing some additional logging

07 Dec

Hello Miners,

Here it is, the final patch for Season 1 (unless something goes horribly wrong of course...but it always never does…). We have fixed several crashes, weapon issues and attempted to make Hiveguards aggressively guard again. But most importantly, clients can pet Hack-C again for that moral support.

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

----Patch Notes:----
- Attempted fix for cascade particles LOD crash
- Fixed crash when late joining
- Potential fix for voice chat related crash during seamless travel
- Attempted PhysX crash fix
- Attempt to fix crash involving Corrosive Sludge Cannon particles
- Fix to Hollow Bough sometimes crashing during level generation
- Fixed crash occurring in Deep Dive end screen
- Fixed Patrol Bot movement logic when going from flying to rolling so it does not snap up and down
- Fixed a weakpoint on the Bulk Detonator that did not glow when hit
- Attempt to fix Hiveguard... Read more

11 Nov

Hello Miners,

We have fixed a couple of crashes including what we believe is a fix for the crash on load for many windows 7/8 players. We also made a number of improvements to missions and fixed some weapon issues.

The Ghost Ship Crew

- [COMMUNITY REQUEST] The Minehead is now visible on Terrain Scanner
- The Minehead in Point Extraction now has an outline when using the Laser Pointer (similar to the platform in Refinery)
- Fix for crash on load for win 7/8 players
- Unified shortcuts for switching characters in various terminals. You can now use A/D or Q/E for switching
- Buying a DLC will now show a notification next to the unlocked vanity items and skins
- Fixed a crash related to fading lights
- Fixed a crash related to late joining
- Fixed some rare crashes related to the modding system
- Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen, when getting info of a mod from modio
- Attemp... Read more

27 Apr

Hello Miners!
We have been hard at work finding out what direction up, down, left and right is for projectiles, and we have at least figured it out 64%! More to come... Also included are a bunch of misc fixes to everything from enemies to the way minerals are calculated.

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

- Fixing a bug that caused you to not be able to join the game of someone who has just changed their savegame.
- Fixed Reconnecting in Deep dives revives a downed player
- Changed "X out of X savelots left" to "X out of X saveslots used"
- Increased font size of bar menu prices
- The message saying Crates and lost packs are empty, will now specify which type of items there are no more of.
- Fixed "Hyper Propellant" PGL overclock no longer displays unique particle effects after Update 34.
- Refactoring to the joining, as to fix DRG-1650, where it joins, even though you cancelled joining.
- Fixed UI... Read more

15 Mar

Hello Miners,

The last hotfix of update 33 is upon us, and it will change the Scale Brigade Assignment to now require Player Rank 100, as well as the completion of the earlier Prestige assignments you get at Rank 70 & 80. This path also includes a couple of fixes as well as some tweaks to the Scale Brigade armor and Improved Bosco digging.

With Love,
Ghost Ship Games

- The Scale Brigade Assignment now requires Player Rank 100 and completion of all previous Prestige Assignments
- Improved landing animation handling in first person when landing and shooting.
- Added a pop-up that explains all currently available loot has been claimed from the Cargo Crate and Lost Pack if the player has collected everything
- Tweaked the shininess of the Scale Brigade armor material
- Tweaked the insignia on the Scale Brigade armor
- Tweaked the icon of the Scale Brigade paint job
- Squashed a bug that caused character... Read more

26 Feb

Hello Miners,

This patch contains several crash fixes, along with fixing some annoying bug habits, that should result in an increased work satisfaction of at least 6.37%. Also Doretta works better now.

With Love,
Ghost Ship Games

- Fixed Mobula Angels shatter animation plays where it was frozen not where it landed (DRG-2755)
- Removed physics causing the Drilldozer to freak-out when dying (it was fun while it lasted..)
- Refactoring audio input device changing, to fix issues with it.
- Fixed Mini-Mule Leg vanishes when dropped by Bosco (DRG-2495)
- Trawler will no longer drag people through doretta, refinery, minehead (DRG-2104, DRG-2223)
- Fix rare crash when quitting refinery mission
- Fix for old savegames crashing on startup
- Fix Insect Swarms in Hollow bough not dying when the nest is killed
- Fixed so tipjar can't been used while holding a beer
- Improvement to avoid the player getting s...

22 Feb

Hello Miners,

This hotfix includes fixes for the Dreadnought twins constantly wanting to meet up to regenerate health, and resolves a bug that suddenly enabled the Hoverboots perk to permanently affect gravity in some missions. We have also improved the pathfinding of Doretta for a smoother ride all together!

With Love,
Ghost Ship Games


- Squashed a bug that caused the Dreadnought twins to heal each other almost all the time
- Squashed a bug that enabled Hoverboots to affect gravity
- Tweaked som armor physics behaviour
- Squashed a bug that caused Dawn of the Dead armor to not animate correctly in the escape menu when playing solo
- Squashed a bug that caused some beards to no longer collide with armor
- Improved the pipelines in Refinery missions to reduce the risk of becoming stuck in them
- Improved Doretta’s pathfinding
- Coral structures should no longer cover up Cargo Crates in Dense Biozo...

19 Feb

Hello Miners,

This hotfix includes fixes for the Mineral Trade Terminal (Stonks!) and additional fixes for Escort and more. We also added physics for the Dawn of the Dread DLC armor, enjoy!

With Love,
Ghost Ship Games


- Closed polygon holes in Azure Weald Big Egg
- Fixed Beamer crystals not looking the same when destroyed for host and client (lights and particles, not the crystal terrain)
- Fixed Beamer crystals getting stuck in an always on state where they wouldn't stop firing even if they are destroyed
- Fix the collected amount of items in the store being higher than the max amount
- Fixed issue where gunkseed could spawn on top of the drop pod causing issues when they meet
- Fixed Gunner's Heavy Autocannon with Big Bertha OC + T2 Lighter Barrel Assembly (without T3 Supercharged Feed Mechanism) does not apply T5 Damage Resistance buff.
- Fixed Spiderwebs to render more properly (they can still rand... Read more

26 Nov

Hello Miners,

We thought it was final, but this is the Ultimate-Mega-Ultra-Remix Final hotfix!…we hope.. It contains a fix to the Gunner shield and some Drilldozer bugs.

The Ghost Ship Crew

- Attempt to fix Oil Canisters sometimes not getting instant picked up on clients in Escort.
- Tried to simplify Drill Dozer code, it works better
- Shieldgenerator can now again be thrown instantly + owner again gets shieldboost
- Fixed Gloomstalker neck being visible

28 Oct

Hello Miners,

This hotfix includes a bunch of smaller/medium fixes that we were not able to get into the previous hotfixes, it should have something for everyone.

Unfortunately, some quite serious networking issues got into the hotfix, so we have rolled it back until tomorrow. Sorry Miners! Fixed!

The Ghost Ship Crew

Track grinding cam trigger delay increased to 250ms
Tweaked Nitra placement in Escort
Added flavor to the Improved Case Ejector mod description
Improved pipe placement when connecting to an extractor. It now follows as close as possible the same rules as normal placement.
Hide roughneck dlc banner if owned
Fixed spelling mistakes
Removed some lights to improve performance in the Heartstone battle
Fixed guntower LMG sound kept playing when the event finished and it was actively firing
Tweaked handheld tablet widget
Lost Leg... Read more

23 Oct


Hello Miners,
We have had to spend a lot of time, trying to get to the bottom of a crash and fixing invisible enemies and objects such as Aquarqs, fossils etc. And as such, this hotfix is fairly limited in changes, but should tackle some of the most important issues right now.

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed Roughneck paintjob, so Drillers now also have it (Only for players who bought the Roughnecks DLC)
  • Fixed a crash that was happening frequently
  • Attempt to Fix invisible Enemies and Objects
  • Fixed Steam profanity filter, so it now works correctly.

If you want to disable or customize the profanity filter, you can do so in the Steam Settings:

... Read more

08 Apr

Bulldog Revolver Tweaks
- Elephant Rounds OC now has a bit more of a kick
- Elephant Rounds OC now lowers the revolver's capacity to 3 rounds and extend the reload time a bit
- Added a base accuracy bonus to Elephant Rounds OC.
- Five Shooter OC is now Six Shooter and has a rate of fire bonus, a bigger ammo bonus and a slower reload
- Feather Trigger OC has been replaced with the Volatile Bullets OC which deals massive damage against burning targets
- Increased the reload speed bonus of the Quickfire Ejector mod

- Fixed bug with GK2 Bullets of Mercy OC sometimes stacking it's damage bonus

Thunderhead Autocannon
- Increased the chance to poison enemies with the Neurotoxin Payload OC
- Added a small range bonus to the Neurotoxin Payload OC

BRT Burst Fire Gun
- Fixed the crosshairs not showing the weapon spread accurately
- Added a Blowthrough Rounds mod at T1
- Added a base spread reduction bonus to the Floa... Read more

02 Apr

Space Rig - Skylight reset to original, lights slightly tweaked in Medbay
Machine events should no longer spawn on top of the minehead in Point Extraction.
The droppod (when returning) should no longer drop on top of machine events.
Fixed infestation larva not taking damage from linecutter
Deeptora spawner - Can be frozen. No longer stops cryocannon and flamethrower
Deeptora swarm - Can be damaged by weapons doing fire damage, e.g. boomstick with right mod. General optimization on both.
Deeptora Hive & LootBug No longer blocks flame thrower / cryocannon
Fix broken supply pods in salvage could not be fixed
Salvage Drop Pod is rusty again
Dust Runner Engineer Paintjob is Dusty again!
Paintjob Icon for Engineer MK4 fixed
Fixed Boomsticks Special Poweder OC for clients.
Fix GrenadeJump OC for engineer when playing as client
Fix ebonite machine event powerups going through the ground for clients
Driller MK5 now always displays warnin... Read more

31 Mar

Unfortunately, we introduced some unfortunate bugs in the last hotfix, and it took a while to fix them, Management's position is apologetic!

Fixed all sort of Vanity issues that was introduced in last hotfix
Fixed cases where the lost pack would reward you with...nothing instead of a pickaxe part or paintjob

30 Mar

- Purple Haircolor reverted to the previous look
- Fixed a spelling mistake in the Spinning Death OC description
- Optimized pathfinding in certain scenarios
- Fixed a spelling mistake in the Pickaxe Customization description
- Fixed a bug that caused Ebonite Machine Event not animating or showing progress on clients
- Fixed a bug that caused Ebonite spheres to not collide with terrain
- Improved the look of the Pickaxe Customization Terminal to look more like the new Wardrobe Terminal
- Adjusted the UI in the Mission Selection Terminal
- Increased Flare Hint time to trigger
- Fixed the Beast master perk activation sound
- Fixed a bug that caused the lasers of the Tritilyte Deposit Machine Event to be very loud
- Lost Pack and Cargo Crate are now on separate chances so that both can spawn in a mission
- Improved colliders around the Droppod to prevent enemies (especially Trawler) to enter it and drop off players where they get stuck
-... Read more

27 Mar


Fixed you could be awarded the starting pickaxe parts in the lost pack
Fixed Praetorian named Oppressor when using laser pointer
Tweak Droppod collision
Fix droppod missing in loader sequences
Fix you could charm a grunt at the same time, making stuff break
Fixed treasure boxes rewarding multiple times
Fixed two instances (crafting items and weapon skins) where notifications would stay forever
Promotion popup shows current class instead of promote able class
Laser cannon sound turned down a bit
Tweaks to the temperature settings of Oppressor, Dreadnought, and Mactera Bomber. Now they are harder to freeze. Their movement speed will still be reduced by cold.
Added a check for when the local player used the chest

26 Mar


Fixed promotion badge returning blank texture after level 18
Improved lighting and PostFX on Dwarf in Escape Menu; Terminals
Victory moves previewable again in the Wardrobe menu
Fix rare crash in Terrain Scanner
Fixed bug where the Wardrobe's 'New Items Available' sign was always on
Fixed Crashes related to Glyphid Oppressor
Fix for white screen rendering artifacts seen in memorial hall on some gfx cards
Fixed Gunner Armor Mastery 7 Skin not unlocking

11 Oct

  • Molly deposit sound stuck fix.
  • Tweaked Customizable hud for Team Display, Flares & Grenades
  • Ui sound added when Boss Health bar is zero.
  • Fix infestation larva did not have correct center mass set, it should now be hit better by sentry, betc etc.
  • Change Sentry gun line of sight change to be more correct.
  • 5-10% more damage dealt on Hazard 5
  • Customizable HUD fixes
  • Insect swarms should no longer be target by bosco and guns
  • Fix for being able to bypass duplicate restriction when late joining
  • Customizable HUD: Bosco Icon now adheres to 'Team Display' mode
  • Subata Tweaks
    - Decreased maximum possible spread
    - Decreased base recoil a bit
    - Decreased accuracy penalty when moving
    - Made spread recovery more snappy
  • Fixed dynamic HUD issue with Bosco widget
  • Customizable HUD: Added sep...
Read more