Blitzkrieg Wulf

Blitzkrieg Wulf

27 Dec

  • The sounds of ATGMs and unguided rockets flying past the player have been adjusted so that they sound less like jet aircraft flying over, and also sound more distinctive.
  • Squares A1-A2 and partially B1-B2 have been excluded from the available play area on the [Domination #1]Mozdok mission to avoid spawn trap kills on the northern spawn point.
  • The available play area in all missions on the Sinai location have been shifted to the left to exclude the hills, which allowed for control of most of the location and spawn points.
  • All AB missions on the Sinai location now have spawn points located similar to RB/SB missions.
  • J-9 — artifacts have been removed from the c*ckpit view.
  • SMS Sachsen — camo mapping has been fixed.
  • Target re-acquisition afte...
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Meet the “Air Superiority” skin trophy, which includes 40 camouflages from Live.WT presented in coupon form! This trophy features camouflages for all nations in the game; this time we decided to give more attention to high rank vehicles, especially those added in the “Air Superiority” major update. Play War Thunder — and receive trophies!

Contents of the “Air Superiority” trophy:

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26 Dec

We’re continuing to celebrate winter holidays and we’re glad to offer you discounts in the Gaijin.Net store. More than 30 offers with vehicles with 50% discounts and 30% for selected pack from the latest updates! Boost your progress, or kick start research in any tech tree from any nation in the game!

From 12:00 GMT on 26th of December until 12:00 GMT on 2nd of January

F-4S Phantom II Pack -50%

  • F-4S Phantom II (Rank 7, USA);
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23 Dec

Welcome to the 99th War Thunder Steam Screenshot Competition!
Your screenshots from last week featuring vehicles from the latest update Air Superiority looked fantastic! The three most popular and three selected by us will get 300 GE. See the winners down below!

Let’s begin the 99th edition of our competition!
Create a stunning screenshot and submit it on the War Thunder Steam Community Hub with the tag #WTscreen99. You have time until the 29th of December to submit your screenshot.

After that date, 6 winners will be selected (3 of which will be the highest rated by the community and 3 selected by our judges), each of which receive a reward of 300GE.

  • Your screenshot must include the colors red, green, or white.
  • You must add the #WTscreen99 tag (title cannot have a...
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22 Dec

We’ve seen a lot of topics regarding the armor of the Abrams series of tanks, more specifically the presence of DU (depleted uranium) armor, and so we’d like to share our data on the subject.
Most sources on radiation safety clarify that the only threat to personnel is posed from armor packages in the cheeks of the turret. The M1A2 Abrams in War Thunder has uranium armor in the turret cheeks.

Source: The Medical NBC Battlebook, USACHPPM, 2011.[apps.dtic... Read more

Hello everyone. We’ve noticed that many of you had questions regarding spall liners on tanks and armor in general. To avoid any misunderstandings, we’d like to briefly answer some of these elements below.

The effectiveness of the M1 Abrams
We’ll soon be releasing a dev blog on the hull armor for the M1 Abrams series of tanks, where we’ll explain why we believe that hull armor was not reinforced on production vehicles. However, we’re not satisfied with the current effectiveness of all M1 variants with a 120 mm gun, so we’re looking at other ways to improve them.

The first consideration is the addition of a new M829A3 shell which we’ve also seen requests and suggestions for. We’ve discussed this option, but the addition of this shell in comp... Read more

20 Dec

Coming to the game as part of the Winter Extreme event, the Vilkas is the Lithuanian variant of the Boxer armored fighting vehicle jointly developed by four Western European countries, with Germany the lead.

Boxer Vilkas: An Event Vehicle Light Tank for Germany at Rank VII
  • Excellent mobility!
  • Deadly 30 mm autocannon.
  • Light protection.
  • Crewless turret.
  • Lethal Spike missiles.
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In War Thunder, we try to add as much details as possible to various types of combat vehicles. Spall liner is a new armored vehicle protection feature that we introduced in the Air Superiority update, which we know is widely discussed on all platforms. We’d like to explain in detail how this mechanic works, and what its capabilities and limitations are.

In the near future, we’ll be making an additional post addressing your concerns with spall liners for MBTs in general.

First up, let’s take a look at what spall liner is in reality. Spall liner is part of the structural protection of an armored combat vehicle, designed to reduce the damaging effect in the main compartment once a tank is penetrated. To do this, liners are attached inside of the main compartment. Material such as fabrics made from aramid fiber are most often used, but other m... Read more

We’re nearing the end of December now, which means it’s time for gifts, bright decorations, fireworks and generally a jolly festive mood. All of which await you this Christmas and New Year’s period!

You’re invited to plunge into the festive atmosphere in War Thunder this holiday season to enjoy yourself and receive excellent rewards. Take a look below at everything we’ve prepared for you!

Gifts for everyone! Play and meet the criteria to receive each gift.

When: December 20th (11:00 GMT) until January 2nd (11:00 GMT).

“Dragon Warrior” decal “New Year’s Sign” decoration for ground forces “New Year’s Flag” ship flag ... Read more

19 Dec

The main aircraft prize of the "Winter Extreme" event is the French Mirage 2000C-S4 jet fighter, featuring excellent acceleration and impressive armament!

Mirage 2000C-S4: A French Rank VIII Jet Fighter as an Event Vehicle
  • Superior acceleration characteristics
  • Effective air-to-air missiles
  • Good maneuverability at low speeds
  • Limited countermeasures
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Today we’re going to be talking about and showcasing two brand-new Premium Battleships that have been added to the Air Superiority major update — the French Courbet and the Italian Leonardo da Vinci.

Meet the Courbet!
Vehicle History

The Battleship Courbet became the lead ship in a series of the first French Battleships that were built shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. Courbet saw action in two World Wars, but was grounded during the Allied landings in Normandy and used as a breakwater and stationary air defense battery. This ship is the sistership of one of the best French ships already in War Thunder, Battleship Paris.

Courbet is ambiguous but that makes this ship an even more interesting dreadnought! F... Read more
    Blitzkrieg Wulf on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey everyone. Some of you have noticed that the amount of fragments after penetrating tank armor has lowered after the release of the Air Superiority major update, even if a spall liner isn’t present. We’re aware of this problem and are working on a solution as a matter of priority. Thank you for your feedback here.

18 Dec

USS Mississippi is a New Mexico-class Battleship built at the end of WWI to continue the American ‘standard battleship’ design philosophy. You’ll soon be able to obtain this unique ship by taking part in the Winter Extreme event!

USS Mississippi (BB-41): An Event Vehicle Battleship for the USA at Rank VI
  • Numerous 14’’ primary guns.
  • Excellent protection.
  • Powerful anti-air arsenal.
  • Mediocre mobility.
  • ...
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17 Dec

Ground Vehicles
  • VT-4A1, MBT2000, ZTZ96A, ZTZ96A (P), ZTZ99-II, ZTZ99-III, ZTZ99A, WZ1001(E) LCT — FY-2 and FY-4 ERA resistance has been revised. (Report[])
  • VT-4A1 — durability of the composite armor has been revised. (...
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16 Dec

Welcome to the 98th War Thunder Steam Screenshot Competition!
Playing at the lower tiers is always fun, with frequent comical moments! Thank you for sharing your screenshots with us last week- they looked great! The three most popular and three selected by us will get 300 GE. See the winners down below!

Let’s begin the 98th edition of our competition!
Create a stunning screenshot and submit it on the War Thunder Steam Community Hub with the tag #WTscreen98. You have time until the 22nd of December to submit your screenshot.

After that date, 6 winners will be selected (3 of which will be the highest rated by the community and 3 selected by our judges), each of which receive a reward of 300GE.

  • Your screenshot must include a vehicle or map introduced in the latest major update, ...
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15 Dec

You’ll be able to get the J9 in the Winter Extreme event! This aircraft is a modified export variant of the American P-35 single-seat fighter operated by the Swedish Air Force throughout WWII.

J9: A Premium Fighter for Sweden at Rank II
  • Good flight characteristics.
  • Heavy machine gun arsenal.
  • Premium bonuses!
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14 Dec

One of the world’s best jet fighters, the Su-27 has arrived to War Thunder in the Air Superiority major update for the USSR and China, and today we’ll be explaining it all.

Su-27 and J-11: A Jet Fighter for the USSR and China at Rank VIII
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • High top speed.
  • 10 weapon hardpoints.
  • Advanced air-to-air missiles.
  • No guided weapons against ground targets.

Meet the Su-27!
In the Air Superiority major update, the USSR and Chinese aircraft tree have received this new top-end jet fighter, the Su-27! What type of aircraft this is, what features it has and how it differs from other Rank VIII is explained... Read more

Welcome to Air Superiority! We’re ending 2023 in style with the awesome Air Superiority major update. Top-tier jets have been added to several nations, some of which include the F-15, the Su-27 and J-11, the Mirage 4000, plus the JAS39. We’ve introduced Rank VIII for ground vehicles, and subsequently new tanks: M1A2 SEP2, Leopard 2A7V, T-90M, VT-4A1, Strv 122B+ and Challenger 3 (TD)! The USA gets the brilliant USS Roanoke and a few other ships come in for other nations, while Volcano Valley is here for aircraft, set in the beautiful peninsula landscapes of Russia. The ability to use universal backups while in battle and tutorial missions for using aircraft missiles have also been added, and we’ve reworked all types of fire graphics for vehicles and burning buildings to make them look better in general.

There’s dozens ... Read more

13 Dec

Winter is in full swing, it’s time to warm up and settle down for a brand new Winter Extreme in War Thunder! To brighten up your long dark evenings, we’ve prepared a heap of prizes for you that can be unlocked just by playing — all you need is to do your best in random battles and earn mission score!

You can get yourself some high rank event vehicles of all types, trophies with various rewards, coupons for decals, camouflages for event vehicles, player icons and decorations! Last year the low tier premium was given to the tankers, this time we’ve got something special for the pilots!

Let’s light up the Christmas tree together!

When: From December 20th 2023 (11:00 GMT) until January 9th 2024 (11:00 GMT)

Participate and get prizes!
Vehicles By completing tasks in this event, you... Read more

The JAS39 Gripen is the latest multirole jet fighter developed by Saab and fielded by the Swedish air force. Striking not only in appearance but also in its capability, the Gripen will soon represent the pinnacle of Swedish military aviation technology, and today we’ll be talking about it!

JAS39 Gripen: A Jet Fighter for Sweden and Britain at Rank VIII
  • Superior maneuverability.
  • Mach 2 top speed.
  • Versatile weapon loadouts.
  • Countermeasures.

Meet the JAS39 Gripen!
Welcome to the JAS39 Gripen, the latest multirole jet fighter operated by the Swedish Air Force and is set to become the most advanced aircraft to arrive at the top ranks of ... Read more