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26 Jan

Hearthstone’s fans and content creators are what make this game so special. So many passionate players make Hearthstone content every day. Even more fans are interested in getting into Hearthstone content creation and just don’t know where to start. Once players do get into content creation, they often want to know how they can get more involved in things like special events and giveaways.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched a new Hearthstone Creator Program to help Hearthstone Creators grow and get more opportunities to share their love of the game!

The new ...

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Get ready to collect Trader’s Tender when the Trading Posts in Stormwind and Ogrimmar open for business on February 1. Complete monthly activities to earn currency toward decking out your characters in cosmetic transmogs, pets, and mounts*— with new items and activities introduced every month.

Learn more about this new feature in our previously published article.


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Update on February 8: The PTR 2.7.5 has concluded. Thank you for playing!

Update on February 7: Season 27 of Diablo III will end on February 19. See our forum post for additional details.

Update on January 27: We have added additional information to further explain the Altar of Rites and Primordial Ashes features.

Nephalem, we welcome you to our seven-day PTR for the 2.7.5 update. Beginning on January 31st, we’ll need your help in testing the Rites of Sanctuary seasonal theme, Primordial Ashes feature, and changes to both Class Skills and items. Take time to acquaint yourself with these patch notes—we have some substantial new features in store.

Seasonal Journey

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Patch 25.2.2 is a data-only patch, launching today, that includes updates to Standard, Battlegrounds, Duels, and more!

Hearthstone Updates

Dev Comment: In general, our recent patch cadence has been faster than it has been in the past. This can make it more painful when updates are a little slower, such as around the holiday break period. We’re discussing as a team how to make the patch schedule work a little better for future holiday periods.

This is the first patch after the new March of the Lich King expansion where we have enough data to make significant and informed buffs to the new cards. Now that we have seen where the set’s archetypes landed on a power basis, we know where we can safely inject a bit of power.

The following cards are being adjusted to be less powerful:

Wildpaw Gnoll

  • Old: Rush. Costs (1) less for each card you’ve ad...
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25 Jan

Patch 10.0.7 is in development, and with it comes a variety of new content updates, including a return to the Forbidden Reach, new Heritage Armor for orcs and humans, and more.

Return to the Forbidden Reach

Return to the Forbidden Reach to learn more of the story of the dracthyr Evoker awakening now that the defeat of Raszageth has been secured. This zone includes new content for max-level players delving into the troubles left behind by the meddling of the Primalists and the chaos they’ve left behind among the elements. Players will encounter new bosses and objectives, more storms, new loot to add to their arsenal, and more.

Orc and Human Heritage Armor

Both orcs and humans can earn new Heritage Armor to show off their pride. You’ll follow a series of quests, culminating in receiving a new armor set specific to your race.

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Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Wrath of the Lich King Classic, Burning Crusade Classic and WoW Classic. Some of the hotfixes below take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require scheduled realm restarts to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update. This list will be updated as additional hotfixes are applied.


January 24, 2023

Dungeons and Raids

  • Algeth’ar Academy
    • Echo of Doragosa
      • Fixed an issue causing Overwhelming Power to not increase pet damage.
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
    • Nhallish
      • Fixed an issue causing Returned Soul to not incre...
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The Dragonflight 10.0.5 content update is now live! Log in now to experience a variety of changes to help you on your adventures in Azeroth and beyond. Read on to learn more about changes like the new Trading Post feature, a new Primal Storm event, and more ways to keep stylish with transmogs.

Make Your Way to the Trading Post on February 1

A new feature is making its way to World of Warcraft®*— the Trading Post**! Complete monthly activities to earn currency toward decking out your characters in cosmetic transmogs, pets, and mounts***— with new items and activities introduced every month beginning on February 1 when the Trading Posts in Orgrimmar and Stormwind open for the first time. Read more about this new feature in our ...

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24 Jan

Learn more about the changes coming in 10.0.5 content update such as the new Trading Post feature, a new in-game event, and more ways to add to your Appearances.


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In 2023, the fifth Overwatch World Cup competition will crown the first World Cup champion since 2019. Reigning champion United States and three-time winner South Korea will try to build on their legacy with another gold medal, but the launch of Overwatch 2 brings new competitors to the scene! Will a new champion be crowned this year? It is time to meet your competing countries and regions.

World Cup Trials and Online Qualifier Competing Countries and Regions

The program will consist of three conferences, each with two separate groups of six countries and regions. These countries and regions have been selected based on Overwatch 2 player population data. In February, competition committee applications begin. Additionally, each participating country and region will host World Cup Trials over three weekends in February (Feb. 10–12, Feb. 17–19, and Feb. 24–26). Competition committees will be responsible for organizing additional team tryou...

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Prime your minds for a fel-tangled chrono-spatial conundrum and more in this week’s Bonus Event.

Players will be able to adventure into six of Legion’s dungeons to reap new rewards all week during this week’s Bonus Event. Your character and items will be scaled down to a power level fitting for the challenge at hand, but bosses will yield loot appropriate for your regular level. Timewalking dungeons also have a chance to drop items that usually drop when you run them on Heroic difficulty, and you’ll earn reputation with a faction that is interested in the dungeon.

While the Event is Active

Look for the following all week long:

  • Kazra in Valdrakken has a quest for you. Or, if you forget to pick it up there, you can start it within the Adventure Guide (Shift-J).
    • Quest Requirement: Complete 5 Timewalking dungeons.
    • Rewards: Cache of Vault Treasures containing one pi...
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23 Jan

En Taro Adun

Patch 5.0.11 has arrived, featuring a wide range of balance, quality of life changes and bug fixes. These changes were curated by our very own StarCraft II community which consisted of pro players, content creators, tournament organizers and modders. We want to thank all of them for all their efforts on this update.
-StarCraft II Team


Worker Units

  • No longer need to wait for full deceleration before beginning to attack.
Developer Comment: Because of workers' slow deceleration as a result of their mining behavior, they felt very unresponsive when ordered to attack nearby units.


Creep Tumor

  • Cooldown increased from 10.71 to 13.57 seconds.
  • Sight range reduced from 11 to 10.
Developer Comment: Clarifies where the vision provided reaches for the Zerg, as the si...
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20 Jan

1/20/2023 - Time is running out to enter the 2022 Student art contest. Entrants have until 11:59 PM PST on January 29, 2023. It's not too late to get your entry in! We are excited to see what you create.

Blizzard Entertainment’s university relations and World of Warcraft development teams are proud to present the eleventh annual World of Warcraft Student Art Contest! We’re calling on college and university students to submit original artwork or animations that would be a great fit for World of Warcraft.

Share with us your creative vision of something we’ve never seen before that still fits within the World o...

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19 Jan

Join Brann Bronzebeard’s expedition, explore Ulduar, and take part in an epic tournament as the forces of Azeroth prepare for a confrontation with the Lich King in the next content phase of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Here’s the complete schedule:

Available Starting the Week of January 16

Dungeon and Raid Emblem Changes

A new Emblem type is now available—the Emblem of Conquest. Emblems of Conquest can be obtained from all bosses in Ulduar and from the “Proof of Demise” Heroic Dungeon daily quests.

Emblems of Valor can now be obtained from all Heroic dungeon bosses, and from the Normal Dungeon daily quests “Timear Foresees…”.

Emblems of Heroism can no longer be obtained from Heroic dungeon bosses. You can exchange Emblems of Conquest or Valor for Emblems of Heroism at a money changer in Dalaran, such as Usuri Brightcoin located at The Cantrips & Crows Tavern in The Und...

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UPDATE (February 1) - Prize pool distribution for the Masters Tours and World Championship have been updated. Each of the three Masters Tours will now have a $50,000 (USD) pool, with $350,000 (USD) available at the World Championship. You can see the prizing breakdown in the updated 2023 Hearthstone Masters Tour Official Rules.

Are you ready for the TENTH YEAR of competitive Hearthstone?! This year is going to look a bit different from the previous few, so let’s get into what is coming to Hearthstone Esports.

Heading into the 2023 season, we have been evaluating the state of our competitive program and the best format for it to take moving forward. Last fall, we began thinking about setting Hearthstone Esports up for sustainability as it turns a decade old, balancing the realities of an ever-changing product...

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17 Jan

Beginning January 20-22, the gates will open on the 2023 Dragonflight Season 1 Arena World Championship (AWC)! . Tune in to all four Cups to see which teams will qualify to continue in the tournament, on Twitch and YouTube.

If the competition wasn’t already exciting enough, these Cups will present a plethora of new additions to the Arena World Championship, including both The Nokhudon Prov...

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Leap into new adventures astride Jade, Bright Foreseer—Pandaria's hoptimistic rabbit spirit that will carry you around Azeroth and beyond with pure joy.

Add the Jade, Bright Foreseer* hoppy rabbit spirit mount to your muster of mounts! Purchase this mount from in-game or the Blizzard Shop or get it with a 6-Month Subscription along with the Hoplet pet in World of Warcraft®: Wrath of the Lich King Classic™. The mount is also available as a separate p...

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It’s time for us to break out the fireworks, delicious foods, and colorful costumes because the Lunar New Year is here! The Year of the Rabbit seasonal event begins January 17 for Overwatch 2 and brings new skins to collect, festive maps celebrating the holiday, and the return of fan-favorite fun Arcade Brawls. You’ll also earn free rewards when you log in, play, and watch your favorite content creators on Twitch.

Festive maps and game modes return

Head on over to Lijiang Tower to see fireworks light up the night sky and jump into arcade brawls as a part of our Lunar New Year event including Capture the Flag, Capture the Flag Blitz, and Bounty Hunter. 

Capture the Flag is a frantic and fun game mode where you must capture your opponent’s flag while ensuring they don’t do the same. 


You can participate in t...

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The Primalists breached the Titan prison used to hold the Incarnates for millennia. Within, Raszageth performs a foul ritual to unleash her siblings so together they can purge the world of the Titans' influence. The champions of Azeroth must assault this impregnable fortress and break their defenses to end this threat. While many could fall, defeat condemns all the realms to the Incarnates' reign of fire and blood.

Raid bosses: 8
Difficulties: Raid Finder, Normal, Heroic, Mythic
Level: 70
Raid Finder Minimum Item Level: 359


Week of December 12—Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties.
Week of December 19—Raid Finder Wing 1: The Primal Bulwark (Eranog, Dathea Ascended, The Primal Council) becomes available.

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Patch 25.2, launching today, brings Battlegrounds Season 3 and more!

Battlegrounds Season 3 is Here!

Good news, everyone! Battlegrounds Season 3 brings Professor Putricide’s new Hero Power, Undead and dual-type minions, and tons more new and updated heroes and minions!

General Updates

  • On January 17, Battlegrounds Season 2 will end and Battlegrounds Season 3 will begin. That means that rankings will reset, Battlegrounds Quests will be removed, minion pools will update, and the Battlegrounds Track will switch over. All rewards that were earned, but not yet claimed, from the Season 2 Track will be automatically claimed.
  • The 15-damage Damage Cap will now persist until both a hero has died and the game has reached turn 8 (the 10 Gold turn).
  • Armor will now appear ove...
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13 Jan

Imagine loading into a game, choosing your hero, and making your way toward the objective. Everything seems to be going fine, but then you round the corner and come face to face with a big, angry, surprisingly Australian Zeus.

We hope you’re prepared to get smote (or is it smitten?) by the Zeus Junker Queen Mythic skin!

The Season 2 Mythic skin comes with customizable variations including different colors, armor pieces, and weapons. Regardless of your loadout, Zeus Junker Queen embodies a super-charged, electrical aesthetic that you see throughout her kit’s visual effects.

We've wrangled some insight from senior VFX artist, Greg Knowlton, about Junker Queen’s journey from sovereign of the scrapyard to ruler of the gods!

Visual effects fit for a Queen

“The biggest differences between Mythic sk...

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