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15 Mar

Mark your calendar for March 19 when the 10.2.6 content update goes live with a bold, new, limited-time event. You won't want to miss out on the fun. It's important to note that Dragonflight season 4 will go live several weeks after the release of the 10.2.6 content update. For heroes working toward the Amirdrassil Feats of Strength, you'll need to obtain ...

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14 Mar

[Updated 3/14] The event duration has been extended and will now end on Friday, March 22.

The tables are set, the tavern is bustling, and the musicians are playing your favorite tune. Join the party as Hearthstone celebrates 10 years of card-filled fun and adventure with a variety of events in Hearthstone and World of Warcraft. By logging in to Hearthstone, you can also earn the Fiery Hearthsteed mount in World of Warcraft.

Get the Fiery Hearthsteed

Players can try their hand at Hearthstone between March 11 and May 14 to earn the Fiery Hearthsteed mount* in World of Warcraft. Getting your hands on this unique flying mount is simple . ...

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Get your first glimpse at sweeping changes coming to Diablo IV. On March 20, at 11 a.m. PDT, join community director Adam Fletcher, associate game designer Charles Dunn, lead live class designer Adam Jackson, and associate game director Joe Piepiora as they detail the massive itemization changes coming to Season 4. We’ll discuss how Affixes, item stats, the Codex of Power, and new in-game systems will change the way you slay and loot across both Seasonal and Eternal Realms. Additionally, there’ll be much more to share in the Campfire Chat for your first look at Season 4!

We’ll also detail how to access our first Public Test Realm (PTR) in Diablo IV, available to PC BattleNet users. This PTR allows you to get your first taste of the changes coming in Season 4. During the PTR, we’ll listen closely to your feedback to make adjustments before the Season arrives for all.

We’ll also hold a Q&A segment at the end of the stream for players to field their questions d...

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13 Mar

Rise, wanderer. Starting on March 19, sealing your legacy in the absolute highest spot of each Ladder will earn you the ultimate spoil of war. Until April 2, if you secure the absolute top spot of any Ladder and are eligible for entry within the Official Rules, you’ll receive a personalized, custom autographed poster from the incredible Micah Ulrich.

There will be two full weekly rotations of the Gauntlet to cement yourself as a Leaderboard Legend. Only true masters who stand at the top of the...

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12 Mar

Celebrate the legendary crew of Bebop in Overwatch 2! Immerse yourself in the iconic saga of Cowboy Bebop with an array of new skins found exclusively in the Overwatch 2 shop. From now until March 25, you can also tackle in-game challenges to answer the call of the bounty hunter and snatch up your cosmic cosmetic rewards. Keep reading to find out how you can claim these legendary bounties of this limited-time event.

New Cowboy Bebop Legendary Skins

Collect four brand-new Legendary skins that tip their hat to the beloved Cowboy Bebop anime series, including Spike Cassidy, Faye Ashe, Ed Sombra, and Jet Mauga. Each bundle includes the Legendary skin along with additional cosmetics, including name cards, victory poses, emotes, and more. If you're aiming for the big haul, then pick up the Cowboy Bebop Mega Bundle and get all four in one!

OVR_Season9_Skins_BBOP_DD_028 (1).png...

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Gather your teammates and jump into the Gauntlet today! Hero Mastery: Gauntlet is an all-new 3-player cooperative game mode with tower defense-style gameplay. Your objective is to protect your three towers from 10 rounds of enemy training bot attacks. Purchase powerful upgrades and collect Emblems along the way to boost your score.

Fight to Survive

Gather your friends to form a squad of three players and play in a unique tower-defense game mode. First, choose any hero from the entire roster, then face ten waves of training bots, ranging from the simple attack bot to the deadly sniper bot, along with explosive bots that will rush the towers.

There are four levels of difficulty to pick from, ranging from the causal co-op fan to the ultimate survival squad. You can also queue up with trained AI to learn the ropes before  competing with teammates.

Protect Your Towers

With three towers across the course, you’ll need to coordinate with your te...

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Dragonflight Season 4 brings with it a variety of changes, including new adjustments to dungeons, their progression, and rewards.

In the Player Feedback Loop

As a part of ongoing development in Dragonflight, the development team identified three issues to address based on community feedback regarding the dungeon system as it is:

  • Heroic dungeons are barely distinct from Normal dungeons at maximum level, and that distinction mostly only matters during a few days after players first reach max level.
  • "Mythic 0" dungeons rapidly lose relevance a few weeks into an expansion, once the M+ season starts, with occasional exceptions for the weekly event quest.
  • The only truly endgame dungeon mode (M+) currently revolves around a timer. This means that other than new mega-dungeons, there isn't really a place for endgame players who enjoy a more methodical dungeon pac...
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11 Mar

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Join the party this week as Hearthstone celebrates their 10-year anniversary!

World of Warcraft Joins Hearthstone’s 10-Year Anniversary Festivities

Join in Hearthstone’s 10-year anniversary celebration beginning March 11. Players can log into Hearthstone to collect a new Fiery Hearthsteed mount in World of Warcraft for free!*

Players can also seek out special “Hearthstone” matches in capital cities from March 11 to March 18. Stick around long enough and you’ll face a special encounter where you can defeat iconic minions to add to your deck and earn other fun new Hearthstone-themed rewards! Lea...

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Whizbang’s about to open the doors to his workshop, where a new Rewards Track awaits! When the Rewards Track refreshes with the Whizbang’s Workshop launch, all players will automatically be granted any unclaimed rewards on the current free Rewards Track and the Tavern Pass track (if purchased), before a completely new Whizbang’s Workshop Rewards Track takes its place. 

Whizbang’s Workshop Rewards Track 

The free Rewards Track for Whizbang’s Workshop will include packs from Whizbang’s Workshop, a random Epic card, two random Legendary cards, Tavern Tickets, a new card back, and lots of Gold! There are also 14 Golden cards along with the Li’Na Shop Manager Legendary card from the set!* 

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Happy anniversary! Today, March 11, marks 10 years since the launch of Hearthstone. We’re celebrating with a Community Day and Patch 29.0, including the groundwork for Whizbang’s Workshop, the Core Set rotation, in-game rewards, and more! 

Schedule and Quick Reference 

There’s a lot happening with this patch, so we’ve organized it into a quick breakdown. You can click on the links to jump to that portion of the Patch Notes. 

March 11 
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08 Mar

Stay up to date with World of Warcraft when you join us each week as we round up some of the latest top blue posts and discussions.

Here are this week's highlights:

  • Hotfixes
    • Several issues in Dragonflight Season 3 dungeons have been addressed.
Season of Discovery
  • Discoverer's Delight Experience Buff
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In Season 10, we’re joining Porsche for a new in-game collaboration, featuring a Legendary D.Va skin inspired by the all-new Macan Electric!

This collaboration will feature multiple new cosmetics and two Legendary skins, with the D.Va skin unveiled today. D.Va is not only incredibly cool, but with her mech’s functional and immediately identifiable design, she felt like the perfect Hero to kick-off Overwatch 2’s next collaboration.  And as a character in-universe, her love for engineering and constantly improving Tokki connected her right away with attention to detail and care of Porsche. We know you’ll love her new skin as much as we do!

The back of D.Va’s mech has been carefuly designed to match the Porsche design

The back of D.Va’s mech is inspired by the design language of the all-new Porsche Macan Electric.

Beyond the in-game collab...

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07 Mar

Hello, wonderful people, and welcome to the mid-Season 9 Director's Take! This season had the most significant changes to the game that we've made in a long time. When we launched Season 9 in February, we wanted to make sure to keep an eye on your feedback and react to what we saw. We've had two patches so far, and we have another one, which is quite the stunner, coming up next week. Let's get into that… no, wait! ...Let's talk about where we're at… and then get into that.

The changes made this season were designed to address multiple issues in the game, based largely in part on your feedback. We're happy with how these modifications have shifted the game, but there are two areas we want to improve a bit: the Damage passive, and how some individual heroes have landed after the shakeup. We think the direction we’re heading in is correct but agree that some changes still need to be ironed out.

Let's start with the Damage passive. It's had quite a big impact on the ga...

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Cataclysm Classic is now in closed beta. It's not too late to reignite the fire and help usher in a new Azeroth when you sign up to join the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic™ beta before it hits the servers in 2024.

Sign Up Now

From the fires of destruction, a new Azeroth arises. Following Deathwing the Destroyer's cataclysmic entrance, which left a festering wound across Azeroth, heroes are called once again to experience a dramatically reforged Azeroth and defend it from utter devastation.

Players can tackle this milestone expansion again with new ...

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En Taro Adun,

We are happy to push 5.0.13 to PTR which features a variety of Map Pool Updates and Balance. We would like to thank our partners at ESL, Balance Community Council and Community Mapmakers for all your contributions that went into 5.0.13.



  • Goldenaura LE
  • Site Delta LE
  • Oceanborn LE
  • Post-Youth LE
  • Amphion LE
  • Crimson Court LE
  • Dynasty LE
  • Alcyone LE
  • Ghost River LE


  • Catalesque CE
  • Divergence CE
  • Nightscape CE
  • Emerald City CE
  • Heavy Artillery LE
  • Overgrowth LE (Void)
  • Reclamation LE
  • Rhoskallian LE
  • Graystone Ravine


  • Flashback CE
  • Black Site 2E
  • Sandstorm CE
  • Mountain Pass CE
  • Sentinel CE
  • Jungle Depths LE
  • Bastion of the Conclave
  • ...
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05 Mar

Join the path of discovery in Season of Discovery. Players now get the benefit of the Discoverer’s Delight experience buff*, which increases experience gains by 100% for all players through level 39! It’s a great time to join Season of Discovery Phase 2, whether you’re just joining in the fun, or creating and leveling a whole new character.

Players can also visit any innkeeper in the capital cities to turn the experience buff off or on.

*Experience buff not available in other WoW Classic titles or modern World of Warcraft.

Chart a course across the Dragon Isles for this week’s Bonus Event – World Quests.

This Week

All week, open your map (default hotkey-"m") and select any of the Dragon Isles regions to view the World Quests available to you. To find out more about each World quest, simply hover your mouse over a World Quest on the map to see what tasks are needed to complete it, the rewards you'll receive, and the time remaining that the quest is available to you.

Look for the following all week long:

  • Kazra in Valdrakken has a quest for you—The World Awaits. You can also start the quest from within the Adventure Guide (Shift-J).
    • Quest requirement: Complete 10 World Quests in the Dragon Isles
    • Reward: Get 2500 reputation with one of the Major Factions: Dragonscale Expedition, Iskaara Tuskarr, Maruuk Centaur, Valdrakken Accord, Loamm NIffen, or the Dream Wardens
  • Passive buff: +50% to Reputation ga...
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04 Mar

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Join in the Season of Discovery with an increased experience buff and tune in this weekend to the MDI Global Finals. 

Tune in for the Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals

Don’t miss out on the action as the grand finals reveal who of the remaining teams will rise to the top to claim victory. Tune in this weekend, March 8-10 beginning at 10:00 am PDT (19:00 CET) on or ...

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03 Mar

Step right up and prepare to be amazed!

The Darkmoon Faire celebrates the wondrous, exotic, and mysterious from around Azeroth! This mist-shrouded island is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma, accessible for one week only at the beginning of each month.

Come closer for a tantalizing glimpse of what Faire founder, Silas Darkmoon, brings for all to see! 

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01 Mar

Beware the deep shadows, for the dreadlords are the masters of dark sorcery, preferring to manipulate and undermine their enemies from the darkest places. The Unseen are cruel and cunning schemers, adept in illusion and disguise. Now, you can clothe yourself in their raiment when you acquire two color variants in one pack.

Dress for the Shadows Now

The Dreadlord's Regalia Pack* includes:

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