28 Jan


Saturdays deployment is complete ahead of schedule. TQ is online and accepting. Original post has been updated.

27 Jan


Hello everyone,

There is a small chance of extended downtime on Saturday, 28 January while we conduct hardware upgrades on the EVE Online server. We expect to be able to complete this within the usual downtime window, but this process may take up to an additional 5 minutes, anticipating the work to be completed at no later than 11:20 UTC.

In addition, on Monday, 30 January there will also be an extended downtime whilst we make network adjustments. We anticipate that change will also take an additional 5 minutes, anticipating the work to be completed at no later than 11:20 UTC.

PLEASE NOTE that TQ will be brought back online as soon as the maintenance is completed which can be ahead of schedule of the previously mentioned downtime.

Any updates will be posted here and on the ...

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19 Jan


Hey everyone!

Just to let you know that I’ve updated my original post with a few extra details but we have adjusted this back from 7 days to 1, which was what it originally was, this afternoon. This may again be increased in the future if the requests are found to impair the server.

A recommendation from the team also suggests using as many of the auth’d endpoints as possible for future development, as those are easier to maintain uptime for. For this case, the affiliation endpoint may prove to be more beneficial in the long run!

As before, I’ll keep this post updated should any further changes be made.

16 Jan


Hey everyone!

I was advised today that there was a change made on Friday to:

GET esi-characters/characters/{character_id}/ route, AKA the get character information route. The change was that the cache time has been updated from 1 day to 7 days in response to an increase in the number of projects scraping it.

Apologies the messaging for this one wasn’t made sooner, I’m endeavoring to try and get as much messaging about ESI changes as quickly as we’re made aware of them.

e: Via @CCP_Swift

I will add a bit more context as to some of the ESI failures, as it’s, unfortunately, more widespread than this endpoint. he Market data endpoint has been down, and now two relating to character corporation history (though afaik not alliance history), are down or impaired.

The TL;DR for why these endpoints were taken offline is that there is a third-party developer, or a series of third-party devs, usi...

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09 Jan


We don’t believe it’s intended to be malicious, it’s more than likely an errant third-party dev miscoded something causing it to increase the number of calls. It appears the issue started on Saturday 7 Jan at 18:13 UTC, so if you’re a budding developer that was developing something new around that time, it may be worth checking into!

We aren’t looking to punish the individual responsible for the uptick in requests, but if we do discover the individual that may have accidentally caused the issue, they’re welcome to drop me a message. I can pass that along to the development team to see if we can restore the service before the additional work is put into reinforcing the endpoint.


Hey everyone!

I’ve been advised that this afternoon we’ve temporarily taken down one of the ESI endpoints:

esi-characters/{character_id}/corporationhistory/" is the exact endpoint.

  • Routes will return empty lists rather than corporation history once the request cache has expired
  • This affects all versions of the endpoint: legacy, dev, latest, v1 and v2
  • Before this weekend, the average number of daily requests was around 50k per hour, however, it has been spiking to 3 million per hour.

Similar to the issue we had towards the end of the year with the Market endpoint, it seems that these requests are also coming from AWS, so banning the offending IPs won’t resolve the issue. Until the endpoint can be protected better, it will be taken offline.

As per the Market endpoints post, once I’m advised of any further developers on this I’ll relay them into this thread.

05 Dec


Hey everyone!

I apologize that this post is being made a little later than I would have liked, unfortunately when this issue was originally raised, the length that the endpoint was going to be down for wasn’t as short as we had hoped.

Just to give a bit of a shortened version of events just to let you know what the state of play is concerning it:

  • On 2 November the ESI endpoints for the market were essentially getting hammered so hard that it was spiking the CPU Use to 100% between 12:15 and 12:30. Just shy of 100 IP addresses had to get banned to restore it down to normality.

  • On 3 November, between 12:15 and 12:30, the same thing happened, except it was a different set of IPs and they were all a part of AWS.

  • When it happened again on 4 November, the decision was made that the endpoint was to be taken down due to the constant action it required each day and the subsequent performance issues it was causing.

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01 Nov


As I mentioned in the post the current iteration on Sisi that was just updated is incorrect and they’ll be being bought in line with my post above :slight_smile:


Not currently no - you can find all the other ships that are having a balance update currently scheduled over here: Balance Updates Coming with Uprising!


Just updated this - the second one here should have been " Fuel Bay Capacity" - good spot!


Hello Capsuleers!

We are pleased to announce that coming with the Uprising expansion are new Navy Dreadnoughts and new Navy Destroyers!

These will be arriving on Sisi later today (don’t be alarmed if some of the stats appear different from the below, as Sisi is a test server, and some of the details are still being finalized!)

Navy Dreadnoughts

Naglfar Fleet Issue

Versatility in fleet ship designs has long been a watchword of Minmatar naval doctrine, and the Naglfar Fleet Issue continues that tradition by building on the strengths of the already highly-adaptable base Naglfar-class. Across-the-board upgrades to defenses, impr...

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22 Oct


Greetings everyone!
The flagship submissions are in and have been checked/verified, the final list in alphabetical order is as follows:

Team Name Flagship
A Band Apart Vindicator
Ah Hail Nah Armageddon
Arkhos Core Golem
Arrival Vindicator
Big Yikes Nightmare
Boundary Experts Barghest
Brave Collective Barghest
Bright Side of Death Armageddon
CAStabouts Vindicator
Darkside Armageddon
Deepwater Hooligans Barghest
Electus Matari Barghest
Esports Petopia Barghest
Exodus. Armageddon
Fancypants Alliance ...
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19 Oct


Weekend 1/Day 1: 12 November
Weekend 1/Day 2: 13 November
Weekend 2/Day 3: 19 November
Weekend 1/Day 1: 20 November

If that helps :slight_smile:
I’ll edit the schedule to reflect the actual dates as well to hopefully make that clearer too!

18 Oct


In case you missed any of the recent news the Tournament is soon approaching!

We concluded the Tribal Trials Tournament and a news post was recently made featuring the winners (and to remind everyone about flagship submissions and Roster submissions!). More on the Flagship declarations will be announced at the end of the week!

The schedule for the primary Tournament has been finalized and is viewable ...

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09 Aug


Screenshot_3840x2160 (2)850×478 67.1 KB
Greetings Spacefriends!

The details of the next Alliance Tournament are now live!

I’d love to hear what your plans are this year! Let me know :smiley:

02 Aug


=VLOOKUP() Battle of the decade!


Hey Gustav - just to note that you’re not going mad - I noticed shortly after the post went up that it directed to the June one rather than the July one - I subsequently changed it, apologies for any confusion. I can see CCP Estimate has responded to your query already, but it is a little clearer in July :slight_smile:


EVE_News_EN_1920x10801920×1080 115 KB

Greetings fellow spreadsheet makers,

Yesterday was a national holiday over in Iceland, so it’s a little later this month - The Monthly Economic Report for July 2022 is now available!

As usual, you can obtain all the raw data used to generate the graphs here. Happy number crunching!

02 Jul


Apologies - I’ll get the article updated, that was a misunderstanding on my part reading through the update!
Edit: Done!

01 Jul


NewsArticle1920x10801920×1080 201 KB

Greetings Spacefriends!

The Community Beat for July 1 is up! Filled with cool things we’ve seen these last few weeks and highlights what’s coming up next!

We’d love to hear if you’ve seen or found anything mysterious around the cluster, or have any stories to tell too!

Until next time,