15 Jun


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Anyone notice the relic 9 GMK in one of the pictures..?

Edit: now the picture is changed lol you can see General Kenobi as relic 9 in the first picture though

These screenshots are from the test server and we have the ability to Relic up past 8. Relic 9 slipped into my screenshots and is not coming in the next couple months. Apologies for the confusion

19 May


The gear in game for Commander Ahsoka Tano is incorrect and will be changed in one of the next updates.

18 May


Is this intentional, or an accidental oversight? Can we get some confirmation?

This wasn't intentional and we will fix this for future GCs with the next release.

13 May


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PM me your ally code, so that we can have a look.

PS: The mods and gear were restored already. See

We have several reports of players not receiving them. We are investigating any issues with mods being returned.

08 May


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That's nice and all, especially since they didn't have to do anything, but how could they forget the chewie shards?!

Doh! How could we forget something so important... I'll update the post and get those added in.

06 May


Originally posted by puredude310

Account got restored but my shops are messed up????? I have reduced area to get stuff from such as guild, guild event and fleet

You will need to wait for a store refresh to properly reflect the restored account level. I've got a list of known issues here


We just launched an Update to fix this issue. Once we can confirmed that this is fully resolved, we will announce the make good for the affected players. Right now we are keeping a running tally for what these players are missing out on.

Thanks for putting a list together for us to compare our notes with. We will announce this as soon as we can.

29 Apr

We are looking into why the pop up isn't showing up for a second day for some players. We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.

28 Apr

Turn on EA In Game Targeted Advertising and restart the game completely

22 Apr


That doesn't justify reducing rewards (if that's actually happening, still very unclear). If you want to argue that you should get increased rewards, I'll listen. Nothing should be taken away from anyone.

Rewards are based on the league you reach. Your Division does not impact your rewards.

16 Apr


This is a visual bug. It can occur when the client gets out of sync or when purchasing a Bronzium Data Card at the same time as Conquest rewards appear in your Inbox. This will not give you extra energy in the next Conquest event.


Ok, thanks @Kyno btw, are we going to get to keep our consumables that we got for next conquest?

No, those will be reset like normal
Yes, that will come next week. See this post in Dev News and Announcements for more detail

we will be sending players the crystals that were spent on energy and/or consumables during this event and a general make good sometime next week

15 Apr

CG_EVS_469 has a short puzzle for you. Can you figure out how it's all linked together?

  • This Han Solo is wearing snow gear, but this Nien Nunb is wearing a helmet.
  • This Child has a cup, but this Child is eating a frog.
  • This Shadow Guard is a legend, but this TIE pilot has a red stripe.
  • This C-3PO isn't finished, but this Rey has Finn's jacket.
  • This Maz Kanata has her goggles raised, but this Garindan is a spy for the Empire.
  • This First Order Stormtrooper has big eyes, but this Leia isn't wearing her bounty hunter mask.
  • This Snaggletooth is blue, but this Snaggletooth is red.
  • This Darth Vader is plated in red chrome, but this Darth Vader is piloting a TIE fighter.
  • This BB-8 roots for the Giants, but this Leia is riding a speeder bike.
  • This Rey is clashing on the Supremacy, but this Kylo Ren is clashing on the Supremacy.
  • This Kylo Ren glows in the dark, but this Trooper hangs o...
Read more

13 Apr

[ Developer Insights - Kit Reveal ]

Hi Holotable Heroes,

The next Bad Batch Clone Trooper to join the Holotables is Tech! The highly specialized trooper in scout armor serves as the brains of the Bad Batch and provides his allies support by handling the more delicate parts of their operations. He has modified his armor with advanced electronic systems that allow him to calculate complex trajectories, translate alien languages, and access many different types of computer systems.

While Tech is leaner compared to his clone counterparts, he is no less skilled in combat. He can use his Brilliant Idea abi... Read more

07 Apr

This issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.
Hi Holotable Heroes,

The Google Play store's billing system is currently having some issues and you may experience a problem purchasing items on Android devices. They are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

05 Apr

[ Developer Insights - Kit Reveal ]


Hi Holotable Heroes,

The commanding officer of Clone Force 99 has joined the Holotables! The clone nicknamed Hunter leads the elite but unconventional squad known as the Bad Batch for the Grand Army of The Republic.

Hunter can lead a squad of Clone Troopers but doesn't usually work with the “regs” and prefers to have his Bad Batch allies at his side. He has chosen a different path compared to other clones and prefers covert tactics. Hunter ambushes his foes with Shrouded Approach, an ability that allows him and his Clone Trooper allies to gain Stealth while allies with the new Bad Batch faction tag also gai... Read more