22 Sep

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s Update fixes an issue with the Geonosian Additive Drops event.

  • EVENT - Light Side Normal Stages 1-4 are now included in the Geonosian Additive Drops event.

15 Sep

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s update addresses several issues with Conquest 7 as we prepare for Conquest 8. These changes will be in effect for the next Conquest. Speaking of which, Conquest 8 begins next week on Monday, September 20th!

  • EVENT - Conquest thermal detonators from "Thermal Exhaust" are now properly unresistible and description has been updated to state they are unresistible.
  • EVENT - Conquest Sector 1 Boss fight now properly counts the number of stuns needed for completion.
  • EVENT - Defeating enemy summoned units now counts towards the "Grand Victory" feat in Conquest.
  • EVENT - Enemies defeated by post-transformation Sith Eternal Emperor and Jedi Master Luke now properly count towards the "Grand Victory" feat in Conquest.
  • EVENT - Updated description of the Conquest “Opportunistic Support” Data Disk to match functionality.
  • EVENT - Deathmark f...
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09 Sep

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today's Server Update delivers an inbox to players who reached Geonosis Territory Battle Phase 2 but did not achieve 3 stars in Phase 2's ship zone. Read this post for more information. Please restart your game to receive the inbox message containing the following rewards:
  • 400 GET1
  • 500 GET2
  • 500 Crystals

08 Sep

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Lord Vader comes to the holotables later today, but you can find an interview with the designer, CG_Mouse, right now on Operation Metaverse's channel! Check out Lord Vader's kit and see him in action in the video below.

02 Sep

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today's update returns the Crystals and Conquest Currency used to purchase consumables and energy refreshes during the initial run of Conquest 7 to players’ inboxes. You will need to restart the game to receive this inbox message.

  • GENERAL - Returned the Crystals and Conquest Currency used to purchase consumables and energy refreshes during the initial run of Conquest 7.

  • EVENT - Defeating units with a transformed Sith Eternal Emperor or Jedi Master Luke Skywalker does not count towards the "Grand Victory" feat

30 Aug

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are aware of several issues affecting Conquest 7. While the team is investigating and addressing these issues, we will be canceling this event and rescheduling as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience as we work on these fixes. Thank you for understanding.

List of Known Issues:
  • Several data discs that have un-resistible effects that are missing the un-resistible tag
  • The "Bring Balance" feat isn't correctly counting all battles
  • Hard nodes only award 10 Conquest Credits instead of 20 Conquest Credits
  • Razor Crest was missing from Conquest Shipments and was list on the Wandering Scavenger for Crystals instead
  • Some Feats are not tracking completions properly

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26 Aug

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Conquest 7 begins August 30th and brings a thoroughly refreshed experience to the holotables. Next week you will find new bosses, Data Disk, Consumables, Feats and a fresh reward unit, Maul! There are many topics to cover so let’s dive in.

Conquest 7 is our first big refresh of the entire Conquest experience. Our goal is still to regularly make these kinds of changeups, but being a brand new feature, the first set of Conquests focused on fixing launch bugs and gathering data. Getting Conquest ironed out and then building our plans to update the mode took a little longer than we expected this first time around. After reviewing the data from the the first few events and Hard Mode, we started on reworking the experience so we could release an update as soon as possible. With our initial launch behind us, Conquest 7 was the best time to mix up the formula and we hope to make around this level of alterations approximately every 3 mo... Read more
Hi folks,

We are aware of an issue with the requirements for the fleet mission in Phase 2 of the Dark Side Geonosian Territory Battle. We will investigate a fix as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

25 Aug

[ Developer Insights - Kit Reveal ]


Hi Holotable Heroes,

Maul-rats unite! The Dathomirian who became a Sith apprentice-turned-Ruler of Mandalore-turned-crime syndicate leader is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Although he’s lost the title of “Darth,” Maul is still a force to be reckoned with, as chronicled in the Dev Insights below.

The Basics:
  • Unsurprisingly, Maul is a powerful attacker. True Damage output is his primary means of dealing damage. This is because True Damage ignores defense, which makes him effective against Tanks.
  • Mo...
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24 Aug

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Conquest 7 is almost here and that means Maul will soon be coming to the Holotables! You can get an early look at the kit before it goes live on the forums from Reality Skewed Gamers and watch an exclusive interview on Maul with CG_Miller.

Kit Reveal:

Developer Interview: ... Read more

20 Aug

Hi Holotables Heroes,

Thanks to the sharp eye of some of our astute players, a bug related to the listed probabilities referencing the “A Distant Echo” Pack was brought to our attention.

The pack’s description stated that the chance to get 75 shards from the “A Distant Echo” Pack was 5%, when it should have been listed at 3%. The probabilities for Group 6 rewards were correctly listed in the pack probability table at 3% but not in the description in game.

We have already released a small hotfix to squash the bug and update the pack’s description. We will be providing 10 shards of each Echo unit to players who purchased this pack before the hotfix.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

12 Aug

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Get an in depth look at Executor from CubsFanHan before the Journey Guide Fleet Mastery event begins next week!

Cubs sits down with CG_Miller to discuss Executor's inspiration, gameplay and the challenges around adding such a massive ship to the game. Check out the video below for the inside scoop on Executor.

11 Aug

Hi Holotable Heroes,
We have an Update later today to add the second set of requirements for Lord Vader to the Journey Guide. We also have double drops starting on August 14th!
Galactic Legends Lord Vader Requirements:
  • Embo - Relic 5
  • CT-210408 "Echo" - Relic 7
  • Echo (Bad Batch) - Relic 5
  • Count Dooku - Relic 8
  • Zam Wesell - Relic 7

Double Drops
In celebration of the newly announced Galactic Legend Lord Vader, all Dark Side battles are rewarding double drops on August 14th and August 15th!

NOTE: This does not include Galactic Legends Event tickets

10 Aug


@CG_SBCrumb_MINI There's no difference between these two when Slave 1 is RI, right? It's already been, always has been on cooldown?

The "change" it looks like is just that when all enemies are breached, you get the reset as well now.

The cooldown reset triggers on either of those conditions. You either need have Slave I on the battlefield and breach everyone or have Slave I enter while everyone has breach.


So what is the cooldown of Something Special Planned?


Starts at 30 but 20 after fully upgrading the ship

Slave 1 looking a bit different since the name change

Aren't you a little short for a Slave I?
[ Developer Insights - Kit Reveal ]


Hi Holotable Heroes,

The Bounty Hunters are getting a Capital Ship to lead them into battle on the Holotables! One of the largest and most powerful Imperial vessels ever created, the imposing Executor led the way for the Empire at both the Battle of Hoth and Endor. Under Admiral Firmus Piett, the Super Star Destroyer struck fear in the hearts of enemies before it met its demise by plummeting into the Death Star.

In addition to the ability to destroy the enemy Capital Ship and stun all enemies, the Executor can dispel Outmaneuver and Ste... Read more
Hi Holotable Heroes,

We have begun the rollout of the next title Update that contains several changes to Journey Guide tools. You may start seeing these changes if you update manually from your app store today, but there will be a forced Update tomorrow that will require all the players to update to the latest version with the features below.


The Journey Guide has been updated with a streamlined experience and a brand new look! The Ships and Characters buttons have been combined into a single Collections button and you can now access the Journey Guide directly from the Cantina screen.
We have reorganized the Journey Guide into a gallery sorted by types of events and tiers of difficulty. Now you can quickly access all of the relevant information you need to unlock an exciting new character or ship. All requirements... Read more

05 Aug

afd4863v2fwu.png Hi Holotable Heroes,

Our annual CG+Extra Life charity event is rapidly approaching! This year we will be hosting another exciting livestream with the Capital Games crew on October 16th. We will be posting more details as the date draws closer, but leading up to our usual day of games with Capital Games employees, we will also be raising donations for ... Read more