04 Aug


Originally posted by Rescuebobs

Dumb question, but as long as I bought on indiegogo, I don't have to do anything else right?

You will still need to register on the Qi site, as that's where keys are being distributed from


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Hi, and I'm gonna burst with excitement!, Can I just ask; All those in Discord with a blue title (name) are backers eligible for a key on the closed playtest ? I am blue, I checked my order on the order page and I see I bought into Single-Action Pack, It doesn't mention anything about a key, however it says: You’ll receive access to the closed alpha and Steam Early Access + other benefits. So this is going to allow me to playtest ?

Thanks for reading!

Yup! You get that access via stream keys


Originally posted by DJREDZONE

Is it too late to get in on the closed alpha? I know some people have been backing for a long while, but I've only just recently built a pc, and would love to be involved in this.

Not at all! The link to the Qi site in this post will take you to where you can order packs for the game.

03 Aug


Originally posted by INVADEZ_

Hi there ! I bought the double barrel on Indigogo for me and my friend. how can u download the game or when will i get my 2 keys ?

The keys will be steam keys, and you'll get them at the time of release on the Qi website


Originally posted by pablo43985

do the keys work for ps4

If the game comes to console, then you'll still have to buy it. Keys for backing now are only for pc

31 Jul


Originally posted by Ritooon

Hi there ! I bought the double barrel on Indigogo for me and my friend. I have the order in order list on QI Software. He has nothing. Will I receive the 2 keys ? Or he has to receive one on his email adress ? Should he see the order ? (I don’t really remember if I had to give is email adress on indigogo, but I’m pretty sure I did).

You'll get both keys and can give your friend theirs


Originally posted by Krayxus

Does anyone know if you get the pepper pack for the two closed alpha keys does that include a copy of the game once it launches in early access?

2 Closed alpha only keys, 1 Early access/full release key


Originally posted by CndConnection

This is a stupid as hell question but I gotta ask because I am entirely unfamiliar with the ordering process from indigogo/kickstarter/qi website whatever.

Is there any risk of keys running out once the game is open to ANY backers two weeks after being available to the Partners? Like is there a finite amount ? If not I have nothing to worry about other than servers being maxed out by a deluge of people wanting in but that can happen regardless. Just want to make sure there's no cap or something or if the devs were planning to cap things to avoid servers getting mega-slammed.

Secondary question that is offtopic from OP: Are the partners under NDA while playing closed-alpha? or can we expect to see some video clips uploaded by Partners?

No such risk like that, as steam supplies the keys when we tell them how many are needed based on the orders. Servers shouldn't be too big a problem either, as anyone can host one themselves.

Even partners will be under an NDA, but they will have opportunities to post content.

28 Jul


Originally posted by Hammer-Dance

Hey! Very excited for closed alpha! Quick question, are we going from a closed alpha into a beta state? Or is there going to be a long down time where we can’t play again. Basically I’m asking, will we be able to play and test through closed alpha all the way to release?

That's the plan. If nothing else, it shouldn't be a long period of downtime between the closed alpha end and early access beginning.

27 Jul


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Ah I see. Thank you. I probably should have looked around before wasting your time.

Lol, don't worry about it


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So, what if you just found out about this game a few days ago and want to get involved. how would i get a key, or is it possible?

Still possible! You can get packs on the Qi site linked in the post, or use the indiegogo page linked in the sidebar.

23 May

With the Closed Alpha release coming up soon, we're opening up applications for new moderators! Please take your time when filling out an application as you only get one submission. You must be on the discord server as well. Applications will stay open for one week.


The following are the basic requirements needed for you to be a considered candidate:
⦁ MUST be 18+.
⦁ Knowledge of the game and progress of the development, for that will allow you to respond to any potential questions asked.
⦁ Knowledge of the Forum and Discord Rules.
⦁ Conversational level of English language in writing and reading, as well as a general slang understanding.
⦁ Friendliness and professi... Read more

17 May

Dread said: Awesome, just backed - been on the fence for a while but this got me over it, nice work everyone!
Thanks for the support!  

13 Mar

In this update we're going to be taking a look at the work that has been done since the massive vlog 10 update. Take a look at the new lockpicking system, some new reload animations, the next completed Backer Weapon, static vehicle damage states players will find around the game world, and a peek at the props that will help to flesh out the world overall. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments!


Read more

09 Mar

TheGenuineJFK said: While it definitely would happen, by that logic they should remove the re-programmable signs.
Drawing can be much more—expressive. Plus the amount of space for text will be limited and there will be a filter. It won't be perfect, but allowing drawing is opening up a much bigger can of worms.  

06 Feb

In this blog post we give an update on the release schedule for the Closed Alpha and Early Access, address changes to the scaling of the world’s map, and showcase Development Vlog #10. The vlog also contains some long requested, updated gameplay footage, which we hope you all enjoy!

Roadmap Update and Vlog 10 | Dead Matter

In this post we have the long awaited Roadmap update to let you all know wha... Read more

22 Nov

𝑺𝑻𝑹𝑨𝑫𝑰 said: Why no vlog?
The next vlog will come when it can. The blogs are just easier to put out more consistently.  

21 Nov

In this update we’re taking a look at some of the work being done on Infected behaviors, more weapons and animations, and some of the interactive sections players will face in the mines mentioned in previous updates. We also have a break down of some of the work that Nik Z, the lead developer, has been doing recently.

-> Click here to read the update!... Read more

12 Oct

There's a number of questions we get asked pretty commonly, so here's a collection of some of them so people can find answers more easily!

Is there still a way to get in the Closed Alpha?
Unless you have already backed the game, unfortunately not. It's something we would like but cannot promise will open up again before the Steam Early Access release.

When is Steam Early Access?
2022. A more narrow estimate will be given when possible.

Is there be an NDA for the Closed Alpha?
There is. This means sharing footage, reviews, or discussions of in-game experiences outside of the Backer sections are not allowed.

When is the next development update?
When it's done basically. Sometimes things get in the way, higher priority stuff comes up, etc. Updates come out when the time can be made for them.

... Read more

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