16 Aug


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Completely abhor this meager attempt to walk back the backlash. And then the immature “well you wonder why we don’t talk to the community more..?” Talking about how your playerbase is full of “asshats” and “dicks”.....in your apology post..... not a good look at all.

What a surprise, people reject money hungry tactics and tend to respond angrily...... not gonna garner any sympathy from me, nor any playing time, and SURELY no more money. Bought battlepasses 1 and 2, nothing ever ever again.

Add that to your statistics showing “great player involvement” from this mockery of an event.... 👋🏻

So it's fine for you all to call us liars, full of sh*t, and other personal attacks when we communicate an apology and update to the event but we're "immature" when we call people out on it. Got it.


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Here are some FULL games you can buy for $20 instead of spending it on a skin.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Stardew Valley

Rocket League


'Dead by Daylight

Left for Dead 2

Sleeping Dogs


Borderlands 2

Detroit: Become Human

Minecraft (It's $27 but with Mods this is a game that you could play forever)

Overwatch (did not know it was $20 right now) This is one of my favorite games like ever.

Hollow Knight


Mount and Blade: Warband

Slime Rancher

My Friend Pedro

Hotline Miami 1&2 (beat one have not gotten around to two. f**kkkkkkking hard)

Also Game Pass. $15, 30 days, hundreds of games

All I'm saying is, spend wisely. :)

Edit: Wow My first gold and silver. Thank you anonymous ! My highest up-voted anything. Sucks that is has to be about loot boxes.

Edit 2: Adding a few ga...

You all should totally buy those games! Great choices.


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So you're using the good old "start two steps over the line and then give one step back so that people think you appreciate the criticism" right? f**k off with that nonsense.

"Why don't devs talk to us more here and be more transparent?"


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Hey man I'm just glad JayFresh is still alive. The silence from him killed us a bit

I don't engage when you guys are being hostile. I wasn't being silent, I was letting the sub cool down.


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Naw, they just made a f**k load of money off the whales, Dev even admitted it, and now theyre doing some damage control for the average player base

Or we're doing exactly what we said in the post.


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"Hey why don't devs talk to us more here?"


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EA's paid shills out in full force on this thread. Yikes.

Edit: if you see someone commenting by the name of u/LB-2187 just ignore him. He is all over the thread doing some sort of bizarre form of anti-damage control. Don't waste your energy on arguing with them.

haha oh no you got us!


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Thank you for your response finally, I know it takes a couple of days to collect data and such but it was pretty clear the way this was heading..

Marketing F2P is a fine art which is yet to be nailed, I hope you see this is the wrong way about it and stay true to your word about the releases going forward.

Edit: /u/Dko5 really drew the short straw on this one, the community can be harsh (including my post yesterday) you’re only human take it easy on here.

That's true we do use the time to watch data but we also take time to let folks cool off. We appreciate and actively seek out critical feedback and we want to know how folks feel whether you like it or not but the personal attacks and rage are completely unacceptable. We understand people get angry but if you're screaming about conspiracies and calling devs, scum then you might as well title your post "don't talk to me".


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I just dont like how you can throw money at a limited time items and it's ok? Like what happen to earning your stuff like man modern warfare was soo good I miss doing that stuff but I guess we will never get that because of ea huh?

Modern Warfare was a $60 game.


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I’d wager that this game has made more than most $60 games already. If you add up your revenue, how many copies of Apex Legends @ $60 does it translate to? Close to 10 million?

At this point, there’s really no need to overprice stuff. You’ve made your money. $7 for a loot box is too high and $18 for a skin is too high. Halve those prices and you’re closer. You’ll probably get more players spending with lower prices too. Heck I’d probably buy a skin each fortnight or so if they were $5-$7 (and good)

You don't have any of the information needed to make that assumption. If you have feedback about the prices: awesome - but don't make the argument that "you can sell stuff cheaper because you make more money than other games I think"


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Disabling votes tell something, Jay.

I didn't disable anything.


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So just to be clear, you're not apologizing for the outrageous prices, the massive paywall, or the gambling. You're apologizing for not telling us about it first?

You should read the post again.


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What I read was "Whales didn't buy enough apex packs to make up for everyone else not buying so we have to do something to get "pretend goodwill" from players.

You should work on your reading comprehension.

Hey everyone,

At launch we made a promise to players that we intend to do monetization in a way that felt fair and provided choice to players on how they spent their money and time. A core decision during development of Apex Legends was that we wanted to make a world class battle royale game - in quality, depth, progression, and important for today’s conversation - how we sell stuff. With the Iron Crown event we missed the mark when we broke our promise by making Apex Packs the only way to get what many consider to be the coolest skins we’ve released*.*

We’ve heard you and have spent a lot of time this week discussing the feedback and how we structure events in the future, as well as changes that we will make to Iron Crown. To get right into it, here are the changes we are making:

  • Starting on 8/20, we’ll be adding and rotating all twelve of the event-exclusive Legendary items into the store over the course of the final week of the event fo...
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13 Aug


For a full breakdown of the Event and FAQ check out the blog here.

TL;DR - The Event includes:

  • Limited Time Mode - Solos
    • We are finally dipping our toes into the Solo waters. We’re going to put it out there and see what happens. Too early to say if this will become permanent or not - healthy matchmaking across all modes is priority. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.
  • Octane Town Takeover
    • New Town on Kings Canyon
  • Double XP for Top 5 & Wins Weekend
    • From 10am PST on August 16th through 10...
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06 Aug


On 8/13 we'll be trying out a Solos Mode in Apex for a limited time. We'll talk more about Solos when it's live and you've had a chance to play it. For now we're going to put it out there and see what happens and what kind of feedback we get.

More to come on 8/13!

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02 Aug


Starting today at 1pm PST, you can tune into https://www.twitch.tv/espnesports to watch the Apex Legends EXP Invitational live from the X Games in Minneapolis. 20 pro teams will be competing for their share of a $150,000 prize pool. The competition will continue tomorrow [8/3] at around 1pm PST.



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31 Jul


Hey all we're aware of this and looking into it.

26 Jul


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Swamps checks out, Skull def doesn’t. You should be able to see that heat from another galaxy

Some context to this that McCord talked about in the replies to his tweet. You can check out more questions he answered and other fun notes in the thread: https://twitter.com/MonsterclipRSPN/status/1154564887403622400

"Surprised Skull Town wasn't bigger"

  • McCord: " Yeah - but Skull Town was not such a hot drop internally. We can't queue back up as fast (not as many players in-house) so each early death means you're sitting in the lobby longer. Made peopl...
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20 Jul

Hey friends,

No groundbreaking news today but before the weekend starts, we wanted to check in to recap some of cool stuff that's been going on this week and briefly address keyboard and mouse use on consoles.


If you missed the EXP Pro-Am Event that happened earlier you can watch the broadcast tomorrow on ABC from 12-2pm PST.


We also announced the teams for the EXP Invitational which will be held at the X Games Minneapolis on August 2 and 3 at U.S. Bank Stadium. The competition will feature 20 squads of three competing across 12 matches, with a total prize purse of $150,000.


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