27 Feb


Thank you everyone for all the kind words and well wishes. It really warms my heart as I head out the door :slight_smile:

Now to address some of the stuff you brought up:

Sort of an even split between Natascha, Nicole and Ignasi. Nicole will be filling in for me when it comes to streaming, she’ll be doing social media check-ins and posts (which she already does, of course). Ignasi will be handling some of my BTS duties. Natascha’s worki...

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26 Feb


Hey Murlykot,

You’re playing on PC, then using WASD in combat should move the camera. If you’re using a gamepad you’ll need to use the left stick, but you can also very easily spin i around with the right stick.

25 Feb


Hey everyone!

They say all good things must come to an end. This is my last week at Funcom as community manager and it’s time for me to spread my wings and fly.

It’s been a great 3.5 years for me here at Funcom. I’ve gotten to be a part of so many incredibly cool things and worked on some amazing games. I’ve also gotten to know all of you, the community, and it’s been a treat seeing everyone’s feedback, discussions and suggestions for Conan Exiles, Mutant Year Zero, and the others. I’ve learned so much and have had a lot of fun doing it.

I’m not quite ready to say where I’m going and what I’ll be doing, but feel free to follow me on ...

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21 Feb


I absolutely understand where you’re coming from and I don’t blame you for feeling a little pushed to the side.


There should be one or two guys patrolling that area that you should be able to take out with silent weapons.

As for the big group: grenades are your friend! Use Selma’s Tree Hugger to pin them down, then throw grenades and Molotov c*cktails to set them on fire and do a lot of damage. Don’t forget about the Medbot though, as it has a tendency to spring to life and revive dead comrades.

20 Feb


Are you also unlocking mutations on the character screen as your characters are levelling up? That’s where you get Hog Rush and other abilities. Remember that those are different to the team skills ones you unlock at Pripp’s Bar with artifact points.

13 Feb


Hey Doug,

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a workaround for this particular bug. Development on the game has ended and the dev team has moved on to a different project, so I’m sad to say that this won’t be patched.

12 Feb


Just wanted to jump in and let you know that if you press the :arrow_right: button on the D-pad you will open the map. That way you don’t have to go through the settings :slight_smile:


Hey LiL,

Thank you for your feedback, and welcome to the forums!

The game should save automatically when you exit back to the main menu. Alternatively there could be a Decay System setting that’s removing your buildings. How often to you play Conan Exiles?

Star Metal should drop in the northern area of the map, but it’s very rare. Maybe that’s why you haven’t found any yet? It usually comes from meteors, so look out for those.

Finally, the story is told mostly through dialogue with the few NPCs available in the world and through lore tablets and item descriptions. This was an intentional choice during development and right now there aren’t plans to change the storytelling. You can continue after the ending, but you’ll have to make a new character. This is also intentional. You’re forced to make a choice: give up the power you’ve amassed in the Exiled Lands and walk away, or stay behind and remain powerful, but trapped.


That is very odd. I’ve checked with our store manager and we haven’t done anything differently with the way we’ve set up the Seed of Evil page in Steam, so it should be available to you.

Do you own the base game on Steam yourself? You said you played through it via Family Sharing, but have you purchased it after you finished it?

11 Feb


Hey Dreamstation,

It might be that the game isn’t fully optimized to work on a hybrid hard drive. Unfortunately there are no future patches planned for the game, so this issue will not be addressed.


Hey Lala,

This should have ended the combat scenario and played the final cutscene. I’m not sure what could be the cause for this. Are you able to reload an old save and play the scenario again?


Hey Shadow1474,

My apologies for the late reply. As far as I know it should be possible for you to access the DLC content through family sharing. If you load up an end-game save you should be able to find a new area added to the western edge of the map. Alternatively, if you select “New Game”, there should be an option to jump into Seed of Evil directly.

Is this not the case for you?


Hey Jaim-sandar,

Are you using your weapon parts to upgrade your weapons? That’s one very important element in gaining the upper hand in a fight. Head to Viridia’s Shop in the Ark to upgrade them, and remember to attack scopes and weapon mods. Artifact Points are spent at Pripp’s Bar in the Ark.

You should sneak around and isolate single enemies and then attack them for as much damage as possible. If you have the three silent weapons (Crossbow, Ancient Pistol, MIMIR Needle Pistol) fully upgraded you should be able to take out singled out enemies with them. Singling out enemies and taking them out silently is a good way to gain a few extra levels. Even if enemies have a level or two on your characters, you should still be able to defeat them.

Finally, Bormin’s Hog Rush is considered a silent attack when you use it, and will knock out an enemy long enough for you to take them out with silent weapons.


It might be that they got it through PlayStation Plus, when Conan Exiles was one of the monthly free games :slight_smile:

07 Feb


Hey Astrigarde,

If you go to your Game Settings you can turn full nudity off, which will override the server settings on your client. So even if someone turns up fully nude you won’t see it :slight_smile:

29 Jan


Personally I think that’d be really fun, but I think we’d have a big number of people who wouldn’t be happy about us suddenly nuking everything they’ve built over the years. :sweat_smile:

28 Jan


Hey Chugs,

We brought this up with the dev team around launch, when this thread was first created, but unfortunately it wasn’t prioritized by the developers and has thusly remained unfixed.

Right now there aren’t any additional updates planned for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.



We understand that you’re excited about some of the things to come, and we’re pretty excited about it too! Right now we’re in the middle of some internal discussions about our options and ways to be more transparent about things coming this year.

What I can say right now is that yes, we’re working on a new map, but I can’t share any additional details about it. As soon as there is detailed info on this, we will let you guys know.

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